Pokémon Colosseum

Here are all the pictures so far of the Upcoming Pokémon Colosseum:

Select Your Character's Name
Disembarking the train
The Trainer Card
The Oore Region
Is This Team Snatch's Transport?
A TV Report Stating about Team Snatch in the Ekuro Canyon
Do You Know of Team Snatch??
Rider Willy Confronts you and Wishes to Battle
Rider Willy Starts The Battle
Select Your Character's Name
Going to the Next Town
Is this a PokéCenter...or a Temple???
Two Team Snatch Grunts Carrying A Suspicious Bag
You saved Mirei from Team Snatch!
Walking Into a Pokémon Center
The Colosseum PC - Poké-Storage, Item Storage, Report and Return
The Outside of a PokéMart
"This is Bigger than My Local Wal-Mart!"
Buying some Items...but where are the Pokéballs??
Go Here to Train You Pokémon Up!
This Challenger Likes Grass Type Pokémon
Espeon Rose To Lv. 26
Welcome to the Fenasu City Pokémon Stadium!
Is This Guy From Team Snatch???
Some Team Snatch Grunts Get you on a Bridge!
There Have Been No Pokéballs Here In A While
Is This Funky 70s dude a Member of Team Snatch?
Team Snatch Grunts are Around him
Mirei Points out a Dark Makuhita in Battle!!
Select Between Scenario and Battle Modes
Pick Where in Oore You Wish to Go
Your Personal Method Of Traveling
Or you could go by Train
Finding Information about Team Snatch
A Croconaw With a Dark Aura
Croconaw is Snatched
You send out a Dark Makuhita
A Status Page
Umbreon + Makuhita VS. 2 Whismur
Is this where the Legendary Celebi is found?
Numel & Marshtomp Vs. Combusken and Skitty
Using your Scenario Pkmn in Multiplayer
Latias Using Dragonbreath
Dusclops & Armaldo Vs. Cradily and Slaking
Selecting The Rules
You and Your Partner in the Country
You and Your Partner in a Base
Wailord and Gardevoir VS. Aggron and Cacturne
The Hero and His Trusty Eons
This is What A Dark Pokémon Looks Like
Wailord uses Hydro Pump
Gardevoir Gets hit by a Hyper Beam
Aggron is hit by Wailord's Hydro Pump
Blaziken Gets ready to attack
Its a Fire Punch
Brendan and May Fighting
Close Up Of May
Makuhita only knows Dark Crush
Makuhita Learnt a New Attack
Looks Like Dark Makuhita is about to be Revived
Keel's Espeon and Umbreon
It Appears Keel is Fighting Brawly
Cacturne Uses Hyper Beam
Super Keel is ready to battle
Is this Keel's Base
Meeting a Trainer
Step One in Capture
Step Two in Capture
Step Three in Capture
Step Four in Capture
2 on 2 Match; Wailord & Sceptile Vs. Pikachu and Exploud
Groudon Prepares an Attack
Typhlosion Stands Tall!
Kyogre Releases a Hydro Pump
Blaziken is Awaiting Orders
Pikachu releases a Thunderbolt
Wailord is hit with a Thunder attack
Is Sceptile Taunting it's opponent?
Meganium and Slaking
Zoomout of a 2 on 2; Ludicolo and Swampert Vs. Slaking and Blaziken

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