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Mt. Avalanche

Amount of Floors - 19F + Summit
Unlock Criterea - Only Unlockable through Nintendo Wonder-Mail Event
Notes - Pokémon are randomly set and placed on floors from list below
Boss - Articuno

No. Name Floors Found on
#055 Golduck B1F-B19F
#124 Jynx B1F-B19F
#183 Marill B1F-B19F
#184 Azumarill B1F-B19F
#215 Sneasel B1F-B19F
#220 Swinub B1F-B19F
#221 Piloswine B1F-B19F
#225 Delibird B1F-B19F
#238 Smoochum B1F-B19F
#287 Slakoth B1F-B19F
#288 Vigoroth B1F-B19F
#289 Slaking B1F-B19F
#298 Azurill B1F-B19F
#299 Nosepass B1F-B19F
#333 Swablu B1F-B19F
#334 Altaria B1F-B19F
#335 Zangoose B1F-B19F
#361 Snorunt B1F-B19F
#393 Piplup B1F-B19F
#394 Prinplup B1F-B19F
#395 Empoleon B1F-B19F
#461 Weavile B1F-B19F
#473 Mamoswine B1F-B19F
#144 Articuno Summit

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