#495 Snivy
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Aurea Juniper/Cheren's Snivy
Gender Nickname Ability
Male N/A Overgrow
Attacks Grass Pledge, Tackle, Wrap
Aurea Juniper gave off this Snivy as a starter Pokemon to Cheren.
# Chapter Notes
461 VS Tepig
462 VS Sewaddle
463 VS Woobat
469 VS Audino
470 VS Pansage & Pansear & Panpour
479 VS Amoonguss
491 VS Vanillite Flashback
510 VS Samurott
517 VS Beheeyem Flashback
518 VS Unfezant
525 VS Scolipede
530 VS Vullaby

  Cedric Juniper/N's Snivy
Gender Nickname Ability
Female N/A Overgrow
Attacks N/A
N broke into Cedric Juniper's Science Lab and took this Snivy, later evolving it into a Servine. It was mentioned in a flashback scene of Cedric Juniper.
# Chapter Notes
479 VS Amoonguss
510 VS Samurott Flashback

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