For the first time ever in a generation, Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire have introduced new attacks into the game that didn't exist in the previous game of the generation

Precipice Blades

US Name: Precipice Blades
Jp. Name: Cliff's Blade (だんがいのつるぎ)

Type: Ground-type

Hits multiple opponents

Pokémon who learn:
Groudon/Primal Groudon

Origin Pulse

US Name: Origin Pulse
Jp. Name: Origin Wave

Type: Water-type

Hits multiple opponents

Pokémon who learn:
Kyogre/Primal Kyogre

Dragon Ascent

US Name: Dragon Ascent
Jp. Name: Finishing Blow (ガリョウテンセイ)

Type: Flying-type

This move is said to be the most powerful Flying-type move. It lowers the user's Defense and Special Defense stats when used

Pokémon who learn:
Rayquaza/Mega Rayquaza

Hyperspace Fury

US Name: Hyperspace Fury
Jp. Name: Dimension Rush (いじげんラッシュ)

Type: Dark-type

This move is always guaranteed a hit, even through Protect and Detect. It lowers the user's Attack & Defense

Pokémon who learn:
Hoopa Unbound

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