Flying in Hoenn

A brand new feature of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire is the ability to fly freely in the skies about Hoenn. Once you obtain the Eon Flute item, given to you by Steven after you have captured or defeated Primal Groudon/Kyogre, you can call upon Latios/Latias and they will Mega Evolve and take you up into the sky. This allows for quick transport across all of the Hoenn region as well as access to other areas.

Flying of the Pokémon is all under your control, with the ability to speed up, slow down and even do tricks in the air using the shoulder buttons. You can also land at any time above a route, island or town that you have already been to.

Wild Pokémon

When you are in the sky, you will often see flocks of birds flying around. If you interact with these birds, you will begin a wild Pokémon encounter with Pokémon such as Taillow and Wingull. These Pokémon are typically relatively high levelled, between Level 40 and Level 50

Available Pokémon

Mirage Islands

Once a day, you will find a random island on the outskirts of the Hoenn Region. These islands are relatively small but can be seen due to a distinctive red shine above them. These are the Mirage Islands. There are five different varieties: Mirage Island, Mirage Forest, Mirage Cave, Mirage Mountain & Crescent Isle, each with different attributes, and each island in each variety is different. As each day passes, one island disappears and the next island re-appears

When you get to the island, you will find one or two items, with some rare items such as the Deep Sea Tooth being hidden with the Dowsing Machine. Some islands also house TMs for you to find. In addition to that, many of them hold a variety of wild Pokémon, most of which are not readily available in the Hoenn region making them the only place you can get them.

Another aspect of this that these islands use the StreetPass feature. If you have seen the island for the day and you then StreetPass another player, that player will then be able to see and land on that particular island and you will be able to see and land on the one they have, in addition to the one you have as standard. This also works through going online. Any players you Pass By will pass their Mirage Islands to you.

With the items, the hidden items only appear one a day and at random between a selection of three. These also will only appear in the area that's indigenous to your game for the day, and not through any found via StreetPass or PassingBy. The Dowsing Machine items available are based on the island type and are as follows

Crescent Isle Heart Scale Deep Sea Scale Deep Sea Tooth Razor Claw Razor Fang
Mirage Cave Red Shard Blue Shard Deep Sea Tooth
Mirage Forest Tiny Mushroom Big Mushroom Razor Claw
Mirage Island Pearl Big Pearl Razor Fang
Mirage Mountain Green Shard Yellow Shard Deep Sea Scale

Mirage Spots

Mirage Spots
Mirage Cave Mirage Forest
Mirage CaveSouth of Pacifidlog Tynamo Cofagrigus Slowpoke
Mirage CaveNorth of Route 132 Ditto Excadrill Tynamo
Mirage CaveNorth of Fallarbor Slowpoke Tynamo
Mirage CaveNorth of Fortree Klink Tynamo Excadrill Onix
Mirage CaveSouth East Tynamo Onix Graveler Boldore
Mirage CaveSouth of Route 107 Unown
Mirage CaveNorth of Route 124 Klink Cofagrigus Graveler Boldore
Mirage CaveWest of Rustboro Klink Tynamo Graveler Boldore
Mirage ForestNorth of Lilycove Tangela Sunkern Purugly Cherrim
Mirage ForestSouth of Route 132 Sunkern Petilil Audino
Mirage ForestEast of Mossdeep Tangela Sunkern Glameow Minccino
Mirage ForestSouth of Route 109 Audino Sunkern
Mirage ForestNorth of Route 124 Tangela Sunkern Purugly Vulpix
Mirage ForestWest of Route 114 Tangela Sunkern Purugly Petilil
Mirage ForestWest of Route 105 Forretress Happiny Graveler
Mirage ForestNorth of Route 111 Kricketune Larvesta
Mirage Island Mirage Mountain
Mirage IslandWest of Dewford Town Tangela Xatu Zebstrika Venomoth
Mirage IslandWest of Route 104 Venomoth Xatu Zebstrika Darmanitan
Mirage IslandRoute 114 Darmanitan Larvesta
Mirage IslandRoute 124 Venomoth Xatu Zebstrika Persian
Mirage IslandRoute 132 Munna Ditto
Mirage IslandSouth of Route 134 Venomoth Xatu Zebstrika Maractus Graveler Binacle
Mirage IslandSouth of Pacifidlog Audino Xatu Graveler Binacle
Mirage IslandEast of Shoal Cave Purugly Porygon
Mirage MountainEast of Mossdeep Audino Happiny Tangela
Mirage MountainNorth of Mossdeep Darmanitan Magby
Mirage MountainSouth East Xatu Munna Porygon Graveler Crustle
Mirage MountainNorth of Lilycove Forretress Donphan Kricketune Rufflet
Mirage MountainWest of Route 104 Forretress Donphan Kricketune Stantler
Mirage MountainSouth of Route 129 Zebstrika Elekid
Mirage MountainSouth of Route 131 Forretress Donphan Kricketune Girafarig
Mirage MountainNorth East Forretress Donphan Kricketune Vullaby
Mirage Spots

Among the various places you can visit while Soaring, you will be able to find Mirage Spots. These spots are special areas in the sky or on islands inaccessible without flying, and only when you have achieved certain requirements, which will give you access to a variety of Legendary Pokémon. These Pokémon can only be obtained through these methods in this generation.

Many of the Pokémon have certain requirements to unlock while some islands will appear randomly.

Mirage Spots - Legendary

PictureLocationPokémonUnlock Method
Crescent IsleCrescent Isle
(South East of Route 129)
Cresselia Random Mirage Island - Daily/StreetPass
Fabled CaveFabled Cave
(North of Route 134)
Have a Pokémon with Level 100 on team
Gnarled DenGnarled Den
(North side of Mt. Chimney)
Kyurem Have Reshiram & Zekrom on team
Nameless CavernNameless Cavern
(Route 126 - East of Sootopolis)
UxieMespritAzelf Have three Pokémon with Max Happiness on team
Uxie can be found between 20:00 and 21:00
Azelf can be found between 21:00 and 03:59
Mesprit can be found between 04:00 and 19:59.
Pathless PlainPathless Plain
(South of Route 131)
CobalionTerrakionVirizion Have three Pokémon with Max EVs on team
Cobalion can be captured on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Terrakion can be captured on Tuesdays and Saturdays
Virizion can be captured on Mondays and Thursdays
Trackless ForestTrackless Forest
(East of Petalburg Woods)
RaikouEnteiSuicune Have Lugia/Ho-Oh on team
Raikou can be obtained from ??:00 - ??:20 every hour
Entei can be obtained from ??:20 - ??:40 every hour
Suicune can be obtained from ??:40 - ??:00 every hour
Spacial TearSoaring in the Sky
(Over Dewford Town)
Dialga/Palkia: Have Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf on your team
Giratina: Have Dialga & Palkia on your team
ThundercloudSoaring in the Sky
(Over Fortree City)
Tornadus/Thundurus: Have Castform on your team
Landorus: Have Tornadus & Thundurus on your team