Rock Smash

Locations: Route 111, Route 114, Granite Cave, Lilycove City, Rusturf Tunnel, Seafloor Cavern, Shoal Cave, Mirage Cave, Mirage Forest, Mirage Island, Mirage Mountain

Rock Smash makes a return in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Like previous games, there are various rocks dotted across the region, all of which can be smash using the move Rock Smash which can be obtained from Wally's Uncle in Mauville City.

When you use the move Rock Smash, there is a chance that you can find an item, or that a Pokémon will attack. Many of the Pokémon found here can only be found via this method, with the items and Pokémon varying depending upon the area. The rocks will respawn as you exit and re-enter the area.

Pokémon Listings

Location Pokémon
Route 111, Route 114, Rusturf Tunnel Geodude
Granite Cave Geodude Nosepass
Lilycove City, Mirage Forest, Seafloor Cavern, Shoal Cave Graveler
Mirage Island Graveler Binacle
Mirage Cave Graveler Boldore
Mirage Mountain Graveler Crustle

Item Listings

Hoenn Mirage Spots
Picture Item Name Picture Item Name
Big Pearl Armor Fossil
Omega Ruby
Ether Cover Fossil
Alpha Sapphire
Hard Stone Dome Fossil
Omega Ruby
Heart Scale Helix Fossil
Alpha Sapphire
Max Ether Old Amber
Max Revive Plume Fossil
Omega Ruby
Normal Gem Skull Fossil
Alpha Sapphire
Soft Sand    
Star Piece