#0746 Wishiwashi
Gen VIII DexGen VII Dex

Picture Name Numbers Type
Wishiwashi Artwork
Solo Form School Form
English: Wishiwashi
Japan: Yowashi
French: Froussardine
German: Lusardin
Korean: 약어리
National : #0746
Alola (SM): #110
Alola (USUM): #133
Galar: #155
Isle of Armor: #110
Classification Height Weight
Small Fry Pokémon 0'08" / 2'07"
0.2m / 0.8m
0.7lbs / 55.1lbs
0.3kg / 25.0kg
Evolutionary Chain
Alternate Forms
Solo FormSchool Form
Solo FormSchool Form
Wishiwashi changes form when it is Level 20 or over and has over 25% of its Hit Points remaining. When its Hit Points drop below 25%, it changes form to Solo Form. Should it be healed back over 25%, it will change form again

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