Like the previous game, there are many ways to befriend the various Pokémon you encounter during your travels. While battling is the most common way, there are also numerous other ways you can befriend them


Battles are the more commonly featured aspect of the befriending of the Pokémon. In these, you can move around the area to try and do damage to the Pokémon. Like in the main-games, you need to factor in type advantages and disadvantages in choosing the Pokémon to use. However, in PokéPark 2, there's a new feature to the battles

As you befriend Pokémon, you have the ability to call upon them in battle. In a pinch, these Pokémon will come in to battle and be able to battle the other Pokémon. These Pokémon tend to have less Hit Points and can be switched in by pressing the A button.

Tag Race

As with the original game, there are various Tag Races against Pokémon. These are where the Pokémon you're trying to befriend run away and you have to catch up to them. This can be done by using the Dash Attack with tthe 1 Button, and you can get an extra boost for shaking the Wii Remote. Various Pokémon will send attacks out to try and stop you. However, you can hit them with your own attacks if you're close enough. Typically, these Tag Races have a timer of one minute, but some have just a couple of seconds


Some Pokémon will only be befriended if you correctly answer their quiz. These quizzes are usually of three questions, typically about the area the Pokémon is in. The questions never change so you can repeat if you get it wrong.

Obstacle Course

Some Pokémon will befriend you if you partake in a special course. This is typically requesting you to get from Place A to Place B within a certain time. However, in doing so, you have to avoid various Pokémon or make perfectly timed jumps. Some even require you to break certain boxes and return in the time limit.


Some Pokémon will request that you take a photograph of other Pokémon. Sometimes, the Pokémon will tell you what Pokémon they wish to see, other times they will give you a cryptic hint. If you take the photograph, you just need to have it on you when speaking to the Pokémon and it will befriend you.

Hide & Seek

Some Pokémon will request that you play Hide & Seek with them. In this, you will get a small time limit of usually a minute where you have to explore the area and look for the Pokémon. The Pokémon is typically hiding behind a bit of scenery, and will make a noise should you come close to it, showing that you know it is near.

Fetch & Help

There are also various cases where Pokémon will request that you provide an item, or help take you to certain places. Usually, this doesn't require much effort and just requires you carrying them to certain parts of the Area. Others will request you to bring them certain items such as Gem Stones or items from the Collection such as Golurk wanting the Music Box


In addition to the battles, there are some Pokémon which require you to battle them after finishing a small course where you have to fend off various other Pokémon. For example, to reach Haxorus, you need to run a gauntlet of other Pokémon to reach it. In addition to that, there are various Pokémon who give special battle styles. Usually, you have to defeat the main Pokémon, but several other Pokémon are on the field and will also damage you


In addition to the above, there are various of other Pokémon who ask for unique things in order to befriend them. Mareep, for example, requests that you show it how to sleep. Abra just requires you to distract it and talk to it. Kirlia requests you open up all of the Treasure Chests within PokéPark and many more

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