Here are the pre-release images from PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond. Click the Link to view the picture:

Facing Cofagrigus in battle
A Multiplayer game played by four players
Pansear, Pansage & Panpour appear
Facing Bisharp
Encountering Scraggy & Croagunk
Krookodile goes to leave town
A group of Maractus
Oshawott overlooks a beach area
A group of Patrat
A race in space with a Wailord
Snivy in Town
Another World
Oshawott battles Krookodile
Selecting your Unova Starter
Tepig approaching an obstacle
Pikachu on a beach
Pikachu battles Cofagrigus
Panpour and Watchog in the Another World
Oshawott swimming in the ocean
Pikachu carrying a Pidove
Swanna flying over the land
Ducklett flying past Bisharp and Snivy
Honchkrow flying in a train station
Tepig rides a Mandibuzz as Geodude tackles Garchomp
Wingull flies past Oshawott
Pikachu & Piplup arrive
Watchog meets Krokorok
Meeting Espeon in the Another World
Meeting Psyduck in the Another World
Meeting Flareon in the Another World
Maractus on the beach
Patrat accepts a challenge
Meeting Musharna
Meeting Krookodile
Samurott is a leader
Pikachu in the main hub
Meowth giving options
Audino will teach you
Blitzle makes you faster
Raichu is hit
Snivy is in a forest
Tepig in an icy mountain
Oshawott in the Train area
Piplup helps Pikachu
Oshawott is ready to go
Oshawott battles a Charizard
Snivy is ready
Snivy battles a Seismitoad
Tepig is ready
Tepig charges against a rock
Pikachu is in a special area
Pikachu battles a Hydreigon
Oshawott faces a bridge of Timburr
Pikachu carries a Magikarp to a river
Krokorok is befriended
Fraxure is called in battle against Druddigon
A race against many Pokémon
Gorgeous Dancing
Gorgeous Dancing
Gorgeous Dancing in multiplayer
Fight Slash Score
Fight Slash Bombs
Wingull flies past Oshawott
Pikachu in PokéPark
Snivy in an Ice Area
Cofagrigus in Wish Park
Swanna approaches Oshawott
Scraggy & Croagunk fight
Maractus start dancing
Pikachu races against Cottonee
Oshawott faces against Darmanitan
Snivy has to take out various Pokémon
Scraggy is called in to fight Garbodor
The Pokémon head to Wish Park
Another race in space
Pikachu meets Reshiram
Pikachu meets Zekrom
Pikachu battles Tyranitar
Golurk arrives in style
Victini appears
The Pokémon are fleeing
Speaking with Landorus
Snivy Battles Electivire
Tepig Battles Scyther
Snivy jumps in the PokéPark
Gorgeous Dancing: Pikachu gets the spotlight