Like many games on Nintendo formats from 2015, the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament has got some special amiibo functionality. However, rather than using figures, Pokkén Tournament is to use amiibo cards.

amiibo Cards

US Release Date: March 18th 2016
EU Release Date: March 18th 2016
Japan Release Date: March 18th 2016

Number of amiibo: 1

The Pokkén Tournament amiibo don't come in figures but rather come in a card . The first of which comes as a special gift with the game's first run.

The amiibo in question is the Shadow Mewtwo amiibo Card which will unlock Shadow Mewtwo straight away when you use it, rather than hitting the in-game requirements of completing the game's story to unlock it. This is only a temporary unlock until Shadow Mewtwo is properly unlocked, and will require the card to be rescanned each time the game is loaded. Shadow Mewtwo cannot be set as a Partner Pokémon in My Town mode. After Shadow Mewtwo is unlocked, the card's usage reverts to the standard amiibo features.

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Shadow Mewtwo
amiibo Figures

Pokkén Tournament does use amiibo in various other ways, however. When you're in the main game menu, you have the ability to scan any amiibo. If you do, it will give you one of a variety of items, selected at random. You can only scan 5 amiibo a day and the amiibo you scan has no bearing on what item you receive.

The items are as follows:

  • PokéGold: Between 100PG and 100,000PG
  • Special Bonus Titles
    • Lucario's Buddy
    • Pikachu's Pal
    • Machamp's Chum
    • Gardevoir's Good Friend
    • Weavile's Playmate
    • Suicune's Sidekick
    • Charizard's Trusted Pal
    • One of Gengar's Gang
    • Pikachu Libre's Compadre
    • Blaziken's Bud
    • Sceptile's Supporter
    • Chandelure's Follower
    • Garchomp's Friend
    • Braixen's Buddy
    • Mewtwo's Companion
    • Fighting Battle Trainer
    • Raging Battle Trainer
    • Ferocious Battle Trainer
    • Catch and Throw
    • Grappler
    • Battle Seizer
    • Paybacker
    • Counter Attacker
    • Endurer
    • Shot Taker
    • Sure Shot
    • Legendary Sharpshooter
    • Hardened Battle Trainer
    • Unwavering Battle Trainer
    • Iron-Wall Battle Trainer
  • Customisation Options
    • Fluffy Muffler - Male & Female
    • Santa Hat - Male & Female
    • Santa Claus Costume Set - Male & Female
    • Party Glasses
    • Star Facepaint 2 - Male
    • Cat Ears - Female
    • Backgrounds
      • Electronic Space
      • Falling Autumn Leaves
      • Harvest Festival
      • Falling Snowflakes
      • Giant Snowman
      • Merry Christmas
      • Happy New Year

All of the titles and customisation options are only available through scanning amiibo.