As with all games, Pokkén Tournament has got a variety of stages within which you can battle. While these stages don't really have much effect on the combat, the backgrounds are usually filled with Pokémon and various activities. Each stage has also got a different shape and size which can affect how battles progress. Click each stage to go to its dedicated page for full information.

Picture Stage Description Size
Blue Dome The ruins of an ancient city said to have sunk to the bottom of the sea long ago. It is now housed in an underwater dome and serves as a battle arena.
Dark Colosseum A mysterious subspace rift created by Shadow Mewtwo's power. It is a cold, inorganic place with Shadow Synergy Stone shards visible in the background.
Dark Colosseum (Final) A mysterious subspace rift created by Shadow Mewtwo's power. The ominous force of the Shadow Synergy Stone sits heavy in the air.
Diggersby Land A tourist facility with the Digging Pokémon Diggersby as its theme. It is made of three areas: Futuristic, Classic, and Fantasy.
Dragon's Nest A solemn area marked by a statue of the legendary Pokémon of the skies, Rayquaza. Sitting at the top of a treacherous mountain peak, the arena is known to exist by few.
Ferrum Dojo The venerable Ferrum Dojo, host to daily training and official tournaments alike. Holy ground to Battle Pokémon and trainers seeking to improve themselves.
Ferrum Stadium A stadium where the final match of Ferrum Battle is held. Located near a sacred lake in the forest, this arena is always filled with enthusiastic spectators
Haunted House An abandoned, old mansion. Ghost-type Pokémon like this place so much that they have made it their home.
Magikarp Festival A hook-and-line Magikarp fishing boat with a great catch sailing under the cloudless skies. Hariyama stands on the bow waving a flag to celebrate a bountiful catch.
Mystery Carnival A strange, long-forgotten mansion. There appears to be a festival being held even though there aren't any people. The objects here seem to be staring back...
Neos City The largest city in the Ferrum Region. Its infrastructure has been designed to facilitate the coexistence between Pokémon and humans.
Neos City (Night) The largest city in the Ferrum Region. At night it gives off a more sophisticated atmosphere. The rain puddles in the road reflect the endlessly shining neon signs.
Old Ferrum Town A historic old town, known as the "City of Water", with a nostalgic atmosphere. It features many famous landmarks, such as a large park, an arched gate, and a clock tower.
Old Ferrum Town (Winter) A historic old town now blanketed in soft, white snow. Its winter scenery and yearly snow-scultpure contest attract many visitors.
Phos Volcano An area located in a cave inside a giant volcano. In addition to deposits of rare ores, it also contains the ruins of an ancient civilization..
Regi Ruins Ancient ruins in a desert. Wall paintings and numerous Unown letters have been found here, making it an extremely important location for historical research.
Tellur Town A town in a lush, green valley in the mountains. Ferrum Battles have long been held in the town plaza.
Tellur Town (Autumn) A quaint, nature-abundant mountain village painted in rich fall colours. Here you can find Deerling and Sawsbuck in their Autumn Form.
Training Gym A specialty gym for Ferrum Battles, with training programs for speed, power, and more to match your Pokémon's battle style.