Cheer Skills

Cheer Skills are special features that activate between rounds. In doing so, they will give your matches a special bonus in a variety of factors depending on the Cheer Skill. You can only have one Cheer Skill active at any one time. In multiplayer and Single Battle modes, you can select the Cheer Skill as you go into the battle. However, for the Ferrum League, you have to assign the Cheer Skill within the Advisor Settings.

Cheer Skills

Name Active Round Description Unlock Method
Standard From Round 2 If you win the previous round, the Support Pokémon Gauge that you didn't use will be at max.
If you lose the previous round, both Support Pokémon have their gauge at Max and Synergy Gauge is increased
From Beginning
Synergy Focused Every Round Your Synergy Gauge gets an added increased each round, regardless of if you win or lose Win Green League Top 8
Pressure Focused Third Round Adds a massive increase to the Synergy Gauge regardless of if you won or lost the previous round Win Green League Top 8
Support Focused From Round 2 Increases Support Pokémon Gauge to max each round, regardless of if you won or lost Win Blue League Top 8
Special From Round 2 If you win, it increases the Synergy Gauge by a small amount
If you lose, it makes the Support Pokémon gauge max out.
Win Red League Top 8
Whimsical Every Round Randomly changes effect each round Win Chroma League Top 8
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