As Pokkén Tournament is a new fighting game, different to any that have been released before, there are a number of special mechanics created for this game. This page will detail everything about these mechanics.

Attack Triangle

Much like the type chart in standard Pokémon games, Pokkén Tournament has got an Attack Triangle which works in a Rock-Paper-Scissors style which means that each attack style will be overcome by one style and overcome another. This means that each Pokémon's attacks are categorised under these three categories and so learning what beats what will give players an advantage.

Normal Attacks beat Grab Attacks
Grab Attacks beat Counter Attacks
Counter Attacks beat Normal Attacks.

There are some exceptions, however, in Pokémon movesets which can break this triangle in certain situations.


Unlike other fighting games, Pokkén Tournament has two different satyles of combat.
Field Phase: This is a 3D Arena and has you move around the arena to attack
Duel Phase: This is more akin to standard 2D fighters and locks the Pokémon to a 2D plane.

In each phase, each Pokémon have a set of moves that can only be used in that phase and others have properties change depending on the phase.

Changing the phase is done solely by attacking the opponent. The more attacks which have been unleashed, and more damage inflicted, the quicker the phase shifts. There are, however, some moves which will always automatically incurr a phase shift.


During Duel Phase, as it's a 2D plane, you have a new mechanic known as stance. There's a High-Stance by holding Up and a Low-Stance by holding down. Ordinarily, these would just be aesthetic, but they can be used to lead into various attacks. In addition to this, various Pokémon have got different effects in each stance such as recovering the Synergy Gauge, restoring health or even blocking certain attacks.

Click here for details of the Pokémon

Synergy Burst

Synergy Burst is a special mode activated by pressing L & R when your Synergy Gauge is filled. To fill your Synergy Gauge, you need to land attacks on your opponent, or have them land attacks on you. You can also pick up Synergy Gauge boosts that are placed on the stage in Field Phase. Some moves also boost the Synergy Gauge, as well as some Cheer Skills.

During Synergy Burst, you get a boost in Hit Points and your attack and defense is boosted for the duration of the burst, until your gauge is back at the bottom. This makes your attacks more powerful and you able to take more hits. For some Pokémon, moves change during Synergy Burst and others get some moves only when in it. If you're hit by moves during Synergy Burst, your Synergy Gauge will be reduced quicker.

When in Synergy Burst, you can also unleash a massive Burst Attack. This is a very powerful move that often takes a large portion of opponent's Hit Points. Each Pokémon's Synergy Burst has its own properties.