Controller Options

When it comes to fighting games, the controller is often key to the player's success and so a player would want to have a controller that they like in ways they would like it. As such, Pokkén Tournament is compatible with a range of controllers, and to top it off, in the My Town part of the game, you have the ability to change the button mapping of each of the controller you use so it better meets the play style with which you are more comfortable.

When you enter into the game, the primary controller is always the controller you exit the title screen with, so be sure to have the controller you want to hand when you load the game up.

There are some controller restrictions, however. In Local Battle, Player 1 always has to use the Wii U GamePad while Player 2 can use any controller they wish. This is due to both players requiring their own perspective. This can be offset using LAN Battle, but that does require a more intricate set-up

Compatible Controllers

Picture Name Notes
Photo Wii U GamePad Allows for play of the game without having visual access to a television
Photo Wii Remote & Nunchuck Has less buttons so can't reset phase instantly in Practice Mode
Photo Classic Controller Requires Wii Remote for connection
Photo Wii U Pro Controller No special features
Photo Pokkén Pro Controller Wired to remove latency. Requires a USB port spare on the console.

Pokkén Pro Controller

The Pokkén Pro Controller is a unique controller created specifically for the Wii U version of the game by HORI. This controller is a USB controller based on the controller in the arcade machine so has a separate design to standard controllers for the Wii U. As it is a wired USB Controller, it removes a lot of potential wireless latency and interference making it perfect for Fighting game enthusiasts. As such, it is the controller which will most often be used at official Pokkén Tournament Championship Series events.

As the controller is wired and local multiplayer requires for one player to utilise the GamePad, you can only have 1 Pokkén Pro Controller work with your console at any one time.