2017 Series

The second Pokkén Tournament Championship Series year is 2017. Following the massive support for PokkĂ©n Tournament, the second series of PokkĂ©n Tournament's Championships began. This series is a lot smaller than the previous years, with just three events before the World Championships.

Standard Events

Name Location Country Date Streamed?

Minor Events

Minor events are smaller events with a smaller prize structure for both Championship Points as well as paid invites to the World Championships.

Name Location Country Date Streamed?
CEO 2017 Championships Orlando, Florida United States 16th - 18th June 2017 Yes
European Qualifiers TBD Europe ?? Yes

Major Events

Major events are the events that have been designated most likely to be large and so have a larger prize support and gift more Championship Points

Name Location Country Date Streamed?

Worlds Details

The World Championships are where the best of the world come to participate and fight it off to become World Champion. Participation in the events is by invitation.

Name Location Country Date Distribution Pokémon Streamed?
World Championships - Last Chance Qualifier Anaheim, California United States 18th August 2017 None Yes
World Championships Anaheim, California United States 19th August 2017 None Yes