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The scene starts of near at a sunny beach house; Brock exclaims how nice it was of Professor Oak to let them stay there for the holidays, And Misty says how it will be the best Christmas ever. Ash then says that they have to and pick up the Christmas cake and says to Pikachu that he’s in charge while their gone and Misty tells Togepi to behave.

The Pokémon all stare with blank faces at the front door and Togepi walks off to explore and stares up at a door and Pikachu pushes it open the Pokémon walk over to a big Christmas Tree and gaze at how pretty it is. Squirtle then notices the Kitchen and tells Bulbasaur and Pikachu, everyone then walks into the kitchen and notices party hats and food on the table. They all clamber up onto the table and Vulpix sniffs a party hat unsure of what it is, Squirtle peers into his, Bulbasaur balances his on his nose and Psyduck tries to eat his. Vulpix then realises they go on the head and flips it up on its head, Pikachu and Togepi then put theirs on their heads as does everyone else except Pysduck’s lands on his tail.

Togepi and Pikachu march out of kitchen back into the main room and they look at their reflections in some baubles and make funny faces. Meanwhile in the kitchen Bulbasaur picks up a Bulbasaur shaped cookie whilst Squirtle tries to pull a party popper and succeeds in doing so when he accidentally makes Bulbasaur jump with the cookie he was holding which flies into the air and lands into Squirtle’s mouth of which he consequently eats. Bulbasaur is mad at Squirtle for eating the cookie and Squirtle jumps off the table and runs off with Bulbasaur chasing him. Whilst this is happening Vulpix is trying to pick some things out of a Stocking and gets its head stuck in the process and try’s to get free. Vulpix then March’s off forward with the stocking still stuck on its head and walks straight into a wall.

Meanwhile back on the table Psyduck sees a bottle of “Pokémon Cider” picks it up and tries to pull the cork out with his mouth and fails, he then starts shaking it. Anyways back on the floor Bulbasaur is still chasing Squirtle, Pikachu and Togepi look onward at them and Bulbasaur uses his Vinewhip to grab hold of Squirtle and in the process pulls the tree over to 1 side. Pikachu manages to put it back normal again until Vulpix fly’s out of no where with the stocking still on its head and lands on top of the Christmas tree. The tree now topples the other way and Pikachu pushes it back to normal again as the stocking falls off Vulpix’s head it jumps down onto the floor while Pikachu stands there exhausted Bulbasaur continues to chase Squirtle who this time trips over the tree lights pulling the tree over once more as Pikachu struggles to keep it up right.

Back in the kitchen the cork at long last fires out of the bottle bouncing off some the walls and hitting Pikachu flying which then causes the Tree to fall on him. Bulbasaur and Squirtle then stop what they are doing and look at the now toppled Christmas tree, Pikachu crawls out and Bulbasaur and Squirtle start laughing but soon stop when they see Pikachu is mad and Pikachu releases a thundershock in the room knocking the lights out.

Everyone now looks around at each other and Pikachu walks over to a Chest like box and opens it up to see a small flashing Christmas tree playing some cute music, everyone stares happily at it until it suddenly stops making everyone unhappy. Pikachu then looks at the Christmas tree and everyone helps push it back up whilst Psyduck and Togepi hang the baubles back on.

Ash Misty and Brock return and Ash says “Its pitch black in here!” and Brock explains it gets dark very early now. Ash opens the door to see the Christmas tree being powered by Pikachu.

Misty says “its beautiful!” and they all party as the screen pans out of the house to the sky where we see a Flying Rapidash and a sleigh.

Thanks to PiPikachu For Writing this guide for us

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