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The scene starts off with a Delibird flying over a snowy town, Meanwhile Pikachu and friends are playing a game of snowbowling. Pikachu swings the snowball round and round before releasing it towards a set of bottles that Chikorita and Bulbasaur have set up. The snowball knocks them over and everyone cheers and claps while Pikachu jumps up and down, Chikorita and Bulbasaur then reset the bottles up so Cyndaquil can have a go. Unfortunately Cyndaquil’s misses and the other Pokémon laugh as Cyndaquil embarrass scratches his back. However they soon move out of the way when Totodile carry’s quite a big snowball in his mouth until he trips and fires water gun firing the snowball into the sky.

The snowball directly hits Delibird causing him to plummet out of the sky, Meanwhile Meowth and Wobbuffet walk up an outside staircase of a building and suddenly spot a sleeping Skarmory perched on the railings of the staircase. Suddenly from out of no where Delibird crashes into Wobbuffet and Meowth which also causes some snow to fall onto Skarmory knocking it of the railings. Delibird, Meowth and Wobbuffet look up at the Skarmory of which gust’s Meowth and Wobbuffet causing them to Blast Off! And blows Delibird in the opposite direction making all the presents in his sack to fall out and scatter all over the town.

Noctowl soon fly’s to catch Delibird as he spirals to the ground. But Delibird is too heavy for him and they both start to fall but Chikorita and Bulbasaur catch them both with their Vinewhip. Pikachu prods the sprawled out Delibird, Chikorita decides her Vinewhip will wake him up but Pikachu stops her. Totodile then decides to water gun Delibird but Pikachu closes his Jaw shut, Cyndaquil then tickles Delibird which wakes him up to Pysduck’s face which makes him jump. Togepi then comes up to his arm and gently tugs on it as does Pikachu and Delibird soon realises they are friendly, he then remembers about the presents and frantically looks around for them but cannot see them and gets unhappy but Totodile and Pikachu pat him on the back to cheer him up and the Pokémon decide to help look for the presents for him and head into the town to look for them.

They start by looking on a bridge and spot one has landed on the roof of a passing boat, Totodile decides to go after it and jumps into the water from the bridge and swims after the boat. The other Pokémon follow along side the river, Totodile manages to grab the present and realises the boat is going into a different direction than his friends so he makes a jump for it and a Chikorita catches him with her Vinewhip. Totodile then gives the present to Delibird and Delibird puts it in his sack.

The Pokémon then look in the woodlands for the next present and Psyduck sees a bunch of marching Gloom of which he starts to follow. Bulbasaur then talks to the gloom and asks them if they have seen a present about and they do a pose and Psyduck just blankly stares. Noctowl is still looking for the next present and decides to use his foresight to see into the trees and notices 1 of the missing presents so Geodude decides to Head butt the tree to knock the present out of which he succeeds in doing so and also succeeds in making some snow cover Psyduck with and Bulbasaur keeps hold of the present.

Meanwhile Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Togepi and Delibird search an alley for the next present, Cyndaquil yawns whilst Pikachu looks in a trash can whilst Cyndaquil has started to sleep, Pikachu then wakes up Cyndaquil causing Cyndaquil to fall backwards which also makes him spy the next present which is high up on a washing line. All happy the Pokémon run closer to it only to see an Aipom has grabbed it and is jumping up and down with it. Pikachu asks the Aipom in a please can we have it back way and the Aipom just pulls down its eyelid and sticks it’s tongue out at them, consequently Totodile decides to throw a snowball at him of which he just dodges by swinging round the washing line he is standing on. Chikorita tries her luck at throwing a snowball of which Aipom catches with its tail and throws back at Chikorita. Totodile then throws another snowball which hits Aipom in the face knocking him off the line along with the present of which Pikachu dives for.

The Aipom then unhappily runs off up a drainpipe to the top of a building whilst Delibird puts the present in his sack. They then run off to find the next present with Aipom watching on from the building. They then meet Bulbasaur, Noctowl, Geodude and Psyduck on the way who give Delibird the other 2 presents bring the total to 4. Delibird then explains that he lost 5 presents and 1 is still missing.

Its now night time as the Pokémon search for the final present, Noctowl foresights up 1 of the tree’s and spy’s the last present wedged inside and tells the other Pokémon he has found it. He then starts pulling at it and manages to free it causing it to tumble down the tree. Everyone runs side to side getting ready to catch it but it fly’s off the end of the tree so the Pokémon chase after it as it fly’s through the air, Bulbasaur tries to catch it with his Vinewhip but it just bounces the present off back into the air so Totodile tries to catch it of which he manages to do so but everybody skids into him causing the present to fly out of his arms into the air again over a the edge of a cliff as everyone watches in horror as it falls the Aipom they met earlier catches it and hands it to Pikachu of which hands it to Delibird. Pikachu a co then see a bright light and turn towards a tree to see Christmas lights sparkling on it. They then turn round and see Santa’s Sleigh and Delibird then climbs aboard and sits next to Santa as the sleigh takes off into the sky the Pokémon look onward Delibird waves to them as they wave back as Santa and Delibird disappear into the distance and Santa Shouts "Merry Christmas!"

Thanks to PiPikachu For Writing this guide for us

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