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A park is shown, covered in snow. The camera zooms in on a cottage in the middle, and a door opens inside, as Brock walks in, asking for a list. Misty said she does, as Ash calls out for Pikachu. Ash tells it that he, Brock and Misty are going into town for a few things, and that Pika is in charge. Chikorita charges forward to get some face time before Ash leaves as Brock tells Vulpix to behave. The people leave, as the Pokemon scatter to the table, watching their trainers leave, as they wave goodbye. Bulbasaur jumps up, knocking Chikorita over. The Pokemon then try blowing their warm breath onto the window, and then drawing pictures. Squirtle goes first, blowing warm air, and then pressing its face on the window, creating a face on it. Pikachu does the same. Togepi can't blow enough air and cries a little. Chikorita gets angry with everyone, and accidentally hits Togepi with a shoe, causing it to cry. All of the Pokemon try to get it to stop, Vulpix's tail doing the trick. Chikorita, the attention hog that it is, runs outside, the other Pokemon chasing after it. Thankfully, Chikorita runs into a stalactite/icicle, causing it to fall. The other Pokemon laugh at its misfortune. They then realize that the icicles have different tunes when hit, so they decide to try to play a song, as Chikorita uses Razor Leaf to rain icicles on them. Chikorita runs away again, again being chased by the gang. They keep running, getting to an ice rink. Chiko slides on it, as the gang decides to try the ice. Pikachu, going too fast, slams into Chikorita, whose anger simply mounts. The rest of the Pokemon enjoy themselves, Pikachu pushing Togepi around, Bulba attempting some vicious curling with Squirtle, who withdrew into it's shell. Meowth comes out, saying he'll show them how it's done. Chikorita and Poliwag use their leaf and tail to keep the ice slick, sending Meowth slamming into a tree and being covered in snow. The other Pokemon, continuing their sadistic ways, laugh at Meowth, whose eyes signal a concussion. He shakes it off, and does the same thing to Bulbasaur that just happened to him. Meowth laughs, as Bulba uses Vine Whip to grab Meowth and spin him around, the other Pokemon dodging Meowth. Meowth hits Squirtle's shell, and blasts off again. Chikorita rejoins the group, as all is well again. Ash and co. come back, saying they're done shopping, as Psyduck falls on his face.

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