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Pikachu makes faces for Togepi inside a cabin while Ash, Misty and Brock discuss Santa. Ash and Misty tell Togepi and Pika it's time for bed, as Brock says good night to all, their stockings hung up. Chikorita comes out of its Pokeball, everyone in bed, and uses Vine Whip to take Pikachu out of bed, and hops up in bed with Ash o_0. The other Pokemon come out too, now, as Heracross attempts to suck Bulbasaur, who Vine Whips it some more. The Pokemon look outside, and see shooting stars, electing to run in the snow and chase them. They come to Santa and a Stantler, who is sick. Santa tells the Pokemon he needs a certain berry to heal Stantler of its fever, as they go looking. Pika gets the star from the Christmas tree and lights it, helping the others hunt. Psyduck falls, rolls down a hill, and rolls around some rocks, eventually hitting Pikachu and co. Vulpix melts the snow, and they keep looking. They come together, saying they haven't found anything, when Vulpix comes back, pointing to the top of a mountain, where there are berries. Pikachu climbs up, summoning all of its strength to get the berries, as it celebrates. They run back to Santa, and get it to Stantler, who amazingly feels better. Stantler, flies off with Santa, as the Pokemon saved Christmas. Santa wishes Merry Christmas to all. The next morning, everyone opens presents, and everyone is happy. Horray.

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