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The next part takes place in a cabin, as usual, as the Pokemon have just awakened. Pikachu goes outside on the snow, as the gang follows, playing around on the snow. They all walk around, looking at Psyduck smash his face into the snow. They then see footprints that are real big, as they follow, running into a Kangaskhan (noted for being shown in the absolute worst episode ever created). Out of it's pouch comes the baby, who then hides in the pouch, scared. The rest of the Pokemon come, trying to get it to play, Squirtle throws a snowball at it. It comes out, and they have a grand time. Meowth looks from above, saying how they're all amateurs, and he will show them. Meowth rolls a giant snowball down the hill, falls into it, and rolls off past all of the Pokemon. Now, Togepi and baby Kangaskhan see a sled, and they ride down the hill on it, as Pikachu gets on too. Bulbasaur then rides Squirtle down the hill, as Vulpix, Geodude and Psyduck get on Onix, as everyone goes down the hill. Everyone winds up on Onix, as the momma Khan stops Onix right before everyone would fall into the frozen lake. They say goodbye to their new friends, as the humans come to say hi, as the special ends.

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