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Somewhere in a snowy part of Johto we see some Dewong playing in a lake infront of a Pokémon Center. Up some steps behind the center Pikachu and his friends are making snowmen, Totodile then starts jumping up and down as he has made the biggest snowman. The Pokémon all admire it and Chikorita draws on the snowman's face with its vines and makes some eyes, The Pokémon all cheer happily and Pikachu jumps on top of it.

Bulbasaur passes Pikachu a snowball and Pikachu, Cyndaquil and Geodude place 2 snowballs on top of the snowman's head whilst Togepi, Chikorita, Bulbasaurm Psyduck and Totodile place 2 at the bottom of the snowman's body to make some feet and Chikorita adds a mouth to the snowman.

The scene then cuts to a sunset as the Pokémon look happily at their newly made 'Snowlax'. That night at the Pokémon center the Pokémon all sleep by the fire, Pikachu awakes to a tapping at the window and then all the other Pokémon at the window to see a real Snorlax!

They all proceed out of the Pokémon center with Psyduck slipping as they come out, they all look up the stairs and see that their Snowlax has come alive, waving at them and then proceed up the stairs to follow him, Psyduck (last as usual) follows and then tumbles back down the stairs.

They all follow the Snowlax until they come to the edge of a cliff with a tree on it which has 1 apple left on it which Snowlax points to.

Chikorita sends out her vinewhip to pull the apple off the tree which sends the apple flying so all the Pokémon lurch forward towards it, Including Snowlax! who eats the apple then falls belly first to the floor, cracking the edge of the cliff sending Snowlax and the other Pokémon falling down the cliff, then sliding down on Snowlax of a rocky ramp and onto some frozen ice.

Snowlax lands on the ice causing it to be detached from the land, sending it out to see. Later slowly drifting at sea the Pokémon start angrily talking at Snowlax.

Snowlax then falls asleep and Togepi starts chirping happily as the other Pokémon go up to Togepi then look up into the sky to see the Johto equivalent of the Northern Lights.

Suddenly they start spinning only to realise they've become stuck in a whirlpool, Pikachu trys shocking it and Totodile trys squirting it but it doesnt work.

Snowlax then awakes and uses an Icy Wind attack on the whirlpool causing it to freeze, the Pokémon then come to a halt in the frozen whirlpool and Togepi chirps as it looks through the ice at some Magikarp and woopers swimming the other side of it.

The other Pokémon come up to see whats going on and see a Mantine fly past with a remoraid and some Kingdra swim past whilst Psyduck starts running along jumping.

Chikorita and Bulbasaur watch as some Tentacool, Chinchou and Tentacruel swim past. A Quilfish puffs up scaring Cyndaquil whilst Pikachu watches some Horsea and a Dratini swim by.

The scene then pans up out of the whirlppool and Snowlax and the other pokémon standing at the top of it as Totodile shoots out a water gun which Snowlax then freezes into some Ice. The ice then falls and Chikorita and Bulbasaur carve it into a boat.

They then proceed back across the ocean as some Remoraid swim along side. Suddenly the boat starts to fall apart as the Pokémon then sink into the sea. Then a couple of Lapras pop out from the Sea with all the Pokémon on their backs.

Pikachu then looks around to see loads of other Snowlax, The Snowlax that was travelling with Pikachu and co then gets off the Lapras to be with its friends and waves goodbye as Pikachu and co sail of on the lapras back to where they came from as they fall asleep.

The sun then arises as Pikachu and co wake up in front of the fire in the Pokémon Center, they all then rush outside with Psyduck again slipping and then Pikachu falling down the steps instead of Pikachu.

They all then happily see that their Snowlax is still where they built it, was it a dream or was it real who knows!.

Thanks to PiPikachu for writing This for us

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