Name Type Cat. PP Att. Acc. Effect
Aerial Ace 20 60 -- The user confounds the foe with speed, then slashes. The attack lands without fail.
Aeroblast 5 100 95 A vortex of air is shot at the foe to inflict damage. It has a high critical-hit ratio.
Air Cutter 25 55 95 The user launches razorlike wind to slash the foe. It has a high critical-hit ratio.
Air Slash 20 75 95 The user attacks with a blade of air that slices even the sky. It may also make the target flinch.
Bounce 5 85 85 The user bounces up high, then drops on the foe on the second turn. It may also paralyze the foe.
Brave Bird 15 120 100 The user tucks in its wings and charges from a low altitude. The user also takes serious damage.
Chatter 20 60 100 The user attacks using a sound wave based on words it has learned. It may also confuse the foe.
Defog 15 -- -- It reduces the foe's evasion stat. It also removes spikes, light screens, etc.
Drill Peck 20 80 100 A corkscrewing attack with the sharp beak acting as a drill.
Featherdance 15 -- 100 The user covers the foe with a mass of down that sharply lowers the Attack stat.
Fly 15 90 95 The user soars, then strikes on the second turn. It can also be used for flying to any familiar town.
Gust 35 40 100 A gust of wind is whipped up by wings and launched at the foe to inflict damage.
Mirror Move 20 -- -- The user counters the foe by mimicking the move last used by the foe.
Peck 35 35 100 The foe is jabbed with a sharply pointed beak or horn.
Pluck 20 60 100 The user pecks the foe. If the foe is holding a Berry, the user plucks it and gains its effect.
Roost 10 -- -- The user lands and rests its body. It restores the user's HP by up to half of its max HP.
Sky Attack 5 140 90 A second-turn attack move with a high critical-hit ratio. It may also make the target flinch.
Tailwind 30 -- -- The user whips up a turbulent whirlwind that ups the Speed of all party Pokémon for three turns.
Wing Attack 35 60 100 The foe is struck with large, imposing wings spread wide to inflict damage.