The First Case

Rhyme City Streets
Tahnti Park

Included Characters:
Emelia Christie

When Tim first enters Rhyme City, he notices a group of Aipom stealing a necklace from a young girl, and then his own map. meeting up with a Pikachu, he decides to chase the Aipom and return the jewelry. However, it eventually turns a bit sour when he discovers the Aipom has been attacked in the nearby park.


Where Did Aipom Go?

Following the Aipom takes Tim & Pikachu to a nearby street with various Pokémon. With the Aipom leaving a path of destruction, it has to be discovered where they went in order to retrieve the stolen goods.

Findable Clues:
Ketchup Tail Print
Paint Tail Print

Place all the clues and hints by characters in the correct location in order to locate Aipom's path.

Find The Necklace

When finding Aipom in the park, it turns out Aipom has been attacked. To discover what happened, all the people and Pokémon nearby need to be questioned and clues found, often helping those Pokémon in order to solve the clues and get the necklace to return to the little girl.

Findable Clues:
Red Berry
Taillow Feather
Starly Feather
Murkrow Feather
Pidove Seed
Pidove Feather

Place all the clues and hints by characters in the correct location in order to solve the mysteries.

Picture Name Goal
Area 1 Where Did This Feather Come From? Talk to all nearby flying Pokémon to discover the feather's owner
Area 1 Why Did Burmy Become Trash Cloak? Solve the clues to find out why Burmy changed from Plant Cloak to Trash Cloak
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