As one of the more story focused games, Detective Pikachu has got a variety of characters that you will encounter across Rhyme City

Picture Name Background Locations Found
Alexander Wilde Alexander was put in charge of the production factory for the chemical R. He often acts before thinking and is prone to violence Ryme Wharf
Amanda Blackstone Amanda Blackstone is the secretary at the Baker Detective Agency. She often quarrels with Pikachu in regards to food. She has a license to drive a boat. Baker Detective Agency
Brad McMasters Brad is a stubborn member of the police force. He often insists that he is correct and doesn't need any further assistance, but is quick to jump to conclusions. Cappucci Island
Central Square
Carina Mitchell Carina is a violinist who was set to appear on Maximum Music. Performing with her Kricketune, she uses a violin made for her by her grandfather, which became the object of an attempt of theft. She is very shy about performing on stage. GNN
Carlos Hernando Staff at the PCL, he works in a laboratory with Rotom. It turned out he was the one behind letting Gengar manipulate Pokémon. The PCL
Dorothy Fisher Current head of the PCL. She's often in her office with Minccino and she invited Emilia of GNN to investigate the PCL. The PCL
Emilia Christie Emilia is a reporter for GNN and the assistant Director. She became fast friends with Tim and Pikachu. Rhyme City
Litwick Cave
S.S. Prime Treasure
Central Square
Ethan Graham Ethan is the president of GNN. He is often putting on a kind persona, but when things go wrong he resorts to thinking about the company as a whole. He is often looking for the next scoop. GNN
Frank Holiday Frank Holiday is the chief inspector in the city. He joins in with the investigation into Chemical R as well as trying to find out the wherabouts of Harry Goodman. Baker Detective Agency
Frederick Hartfield Staff at the PCL. Frederick shares a lab with Nina O'Hara and works with Garbodor to utilise its toxins and clear garbage. He is nicknamed "Fridge" The PCL
Gino Earina Gino is a world renowned chef. He is on the Prime Treasure due to an inteview with GNN about him being able to recreate the Henry Brothers lost recipes. However, he is actually on board to participate in an auction to win the Henry Brothers' recipe book and ends up having to steal the stolen mask. His partner is Kecleon. S.S. Prime Treasure
Harry Goodman Harry is Tim's father and former partner of Pikachu. He was researching the mysterious chemical R when an accident happened and he was involved in a car accident. He has not been seen since. -
Hiro Morgan Hiro is the director of Maximum Music. He is very kind and enjoys his work, helping Tim in his studio tour. He is teamed with his partner Hoothoot. GNN
John Waals Waals used to work for the PCL long ago and aided in development of what led to the chemical R. He dismissed Harry's investigation but is eager to help now Cappucci Island
Keith Norman Keith was the assistant director of the music show at GNN. before that, he was responsible for the Charizard rampage at the Fine Park and even attacked Harry there while he was investigating. He later tried to sell R at a blackmarket auction but was eventually captured, only to reveal he wasn't working alone GNN
S.S. Prime Treasure
Louise Mulligan Louise is a resort developer for Ryme City, visiting Cappucci Island. She has a distinctive odour due to the perfume from her Spritzee. She framed Waals in order to stop him blocking her plans to build a resort on the island Cappucci Island
Max Warhol Max is the co-host of Maximum Music and a comedian often seen with his partner Chatot. He is very obsessed with being recognised as a celebrity but when he fears that he was going to be dismissed from the show, he stages an accident to steal a rare violin to sell GNN
Meiko Okamato Meiko Okamato is a director for GNN. She is often seen with Emilia and has her camera with her most of the time Litwick Cave
Central Square
Mike Baker Mike Baker is head of the Detective Agency and is helping Tim find his father. His partner is Accelgor Baker Detective Agency
Milo Green Milo is an aspiring Pokémon Ranger and likes to help Pokémon and preserve nature. He helps Tim find a path to the lake and prove Waals' innocence. He is Waals' protege. Cappucci Island
Nina O'Hara Nina is staff at the PCL. There, she works with the wild Pokémon including Shuckle to help create concoctions such as Berry Juice. The PCL
Olga Ellison Olga is the co-host of the music show on GNN. She is often self absorbed and stand-offish, but cares for her Purugly. She is a musician and offered to buy Carina's violin GNN
Pablo Millan Pablo runs the High Hat Café with his trusty Ludicolo. He often gives Pikachu coffee. High Hat Cafe
Rita Partridge Rita is the receptionist at the PCL with her Floette. She helps Tim in the investigation by helping access camera systems. The PCL
Roger Clifford Roger Clifford is a TV Producer at GNN. He watches over and helps produce many TV programmes. However, he turns out to be the mastermind behind the infection of Pokémon with the R Chemical in an attempt to claim world domination. Hi Hat Café
Central Square
Rose Wilton Rose is a passenger on the Prime Treasure with her partner Snubbull. She gets a shock when she learns that her luggage has been mistakenly switched with 1 containing a stolen mask. She likes Tim's company and knows the captain of the ship. S.S. Prime Treasure
Simon Yen Simon was Waals' former partner at the PCL, researching R. He was forced to work for Keith in order to continue to make the chemical. He assists Tim in getting to where R is being transported. Cappucci Island
Timburr Transport Chief The Timburr Transport Chief controls the Timburr on Cappucci Island, helping them make deliveries as well as rebuild anything that gets broken. Cappucci Island
Wallace Carroll Wallace is staff at the PCL and is studying Solosis and Duosion. The PCL
Walter Eckhart Walter is the captain of the S.S. Prime Treasure. He knows most of his passengers by name but doesn't know everything about what happens on the ship, since the passengers own the ship. S.S. Prime Treasure