Chapter 9 - Pokémon Carnival

Ryme City Central Square

Included Characters:
Mike Baker
Emilia Christie
Ethan Graham
Meiko Okamato
Roger Clifford
Keith Norman
Brad McMaster

At the Carnival, it has already begun and you need to get to the offices fast. Go to the Baker Agency and Mike Baker will help you. You determine that R will be set off at central square at 8pm


Solve the case involving R

It's a race against the clock so you need to get testimony. Speak to everyone to get their views on the set up. Once all three are found, Mr. Holiday comes in and says that Keith admitted to a fourth. Surmising that it's in the square, go up there and think about it being in the Clock Tower.

Findable Clues:
Liquid R - In shopping stall in south east
Gaseous R - In balloon set in front of cameras in south west
Capsule R - Trap man in yellow hat with Brad in the middle

Case Notes:
Place all the clues and hints by characters in the correct location in order to solve the mysteries.

Picture Name Goal
Case Where will R be dispersed? With all the information at hand, you need to work out the most logical place for R to be dispersed with the most fallout.
Case Where are the three batches of R? R is located in three different parts of Ryme City. You need to search with Pikachu to find out where they are, talking to the local townsfolk to see if anything abnormal has been happening.
Solve the case involving R

hen inside, you need to dismantle the large machine and then disarm the bomb through some minor QTEs and puzzles. Then you need to solve a puzzle of which one had Keith try to specifically cause you harm and then how he got information. It's determined by Keith being the only one who knew that Pikachu can't use moves, yet Roger somehow knew. Roger is the culprit. He arrives with Emilia as his hostage and attacks you while getting you to combine the R. However, in the last minute, Pikachu uses electricity to stop Noivern and the case ends.

Case Notes:
Place all the clues and hints by characters in the correct location in order to solve the mysteries.

Picture Name Goal
Case Who is the true culprit? With all the information at hand, it's the time to work out who is the mastermind behind it all.

Action Events:
Press the A button in time in order to complete Action Events.

Picture Name Goal
Case Note Disarm the R Machine Press A rapidly to remove the plug. Then, press the red button and remember the lit colours, pressing the buttons in the correct order.
Case Note Stop Roger Press A rapidly to push Pikachu's Thunderbolt towards Noivern.

Pikachu then returns the cells to Mewtwo. Mewtwo says that the time is up for the choice and Pikachu says it's easy and then faints. Tim confronts Mewtwo who says his father is still alive and he can find him if he doesn't give up hope.
The next day, Tim wakes up and Pikachu is acting like a Pikachu, unable to talk. However, it turns out it was a bluff and that Pikachu will be his partner for a while. The next step, finding Tim's father

Pokémon In Chapter

Number Picture Name Background Locations Found
#025 Pikachu Tim encounters Pikachu as soon as he enters Ryme City and Pikachu joins him in his travels. Tim is the only person who can understand Pikachu. Pikachu is somewhat arrogant, but gets shy around females. Pikachu was owned by Tim's father, Harry Goodman, who disappeared two months ago following a car crash. -
#150 Mewtwo Mewtwo's cells were used to make the chemical, R. However, Mewtwo's Berserk Gene caused the Pokémon to lose control. Mewtwo made a deal with Pikachu for Pikachu to track down all of its cells and stop the people distributing R in exchange for a choice.. -
#272 Ludicolo Ludicolo works in the High Hat Café with Pablo as a waitress. High Hat Cafe
#310 Manectric Manectric is Brad McMasters' partner Pokémon and is often seen keeping guard. Its sense of smell is very useful, being used to solve mysteries. Cappucci Island
Ryme City Central Square
#313 Volbeat Illumise is a Pokémon that is part of the parade. It is practicing in Central Square. Ryme City Central Square
#314 Illumise Illumise is a Pokémon that is part of the parade. It eagerly wants to take part. Ryme City Central Square
#617 Accelgor Accelgor is Mike Baker's partner Pokémon. It's a very shy Pokémon, but uses its speed to help in a variety of cases. -
#661 Fletchling Fletchling can be found flying about the Baker Detective Agency. It helps Amanda. Baker Detective Agency
#715 Noivern Noivern was used by Keith, and then Roger, in order to escape from the situations. Its powerful attacks can subdue enemies, but it eventually fell to Pikachu. -

Exclusive Specific Pika Prompts

The following Pika Prompts can only be activated in this chapter in specific locations.

Picture Name Location Requirements
Chapter 9
Rush to the AgencyRush to the AgencyRyme CityNone
Pikachu's ResolvePikachu's ResolveRyme CityBe around Ludicolo
Where's the Scene of the Crime?Where's the Scene of the Crime?Baker Detective AgencyNone
Find the R Dispersing MachinesFind the R Dispersing MachinesCentral SquareNone
The Clock TowerThe Clock TowerCentral SquareBe around the Clock Tower
Do Your Best!Do Your Best!Central SquareNone
Calm DownCalm DownCentral SquareNone
Who's the Mastermind?Who's the Mastermind?Central SquareFind out Keith has accomplices
The first R Dispersing MachineThe first R Dispersing MachineCentral SquareFind the first R Dispersing Machine
The second R Dispersing MachineThe second R Dispersing MachineCentral SquareFind the second R Dispersing Machine
The third R Dispersing MachineThe third R Dispersing MachineCentral SquareFind the third R Dispersing Machine