Chapter 8 - Where R Goes

S.S. Prime Treasure

Included Characters:
Emilia Christie
Ethan Graham
Gino Earina
Walter Eckhart
Rose Milton

Having been put in a container by Simon Yen, Tim & Pikachu end up in an unknown location which, upon investigating, is the heart of the luxury cruise liner, the S.S. Prime Treasure, bound for Ryme City to celebrate the Pokémon Carnival.


Find out where R has been taken

Later, they get out of the container in a new place. All evidence indicates being on a boat, especially when encountering the Rattata from earlier with an Alolan Rattata. When they reach the top, they discover they're on board the S.S. Prime Treasure, a luxury cruise ship. You need to ask around if people saw men with luggage, leading you to the Ocean Café lounge. The path is then blocked by Krokorok When you investigate, you are then greeted by Emilia who is on the cruise for the Pokémon Carnival. She offers to help, giving you a newspaper. You then try to find access to the show behind the Krokorok guards in the lounge.

Find out about the show

On investigation, you hear a scream from an elderly woman, Rose Milton, who finds a random Cofagrigus mask in her luggage which terrified it and Snubbull. She'll take you to see the Captain of the vessel. Emilia is there doing her interview and notes the mask was on the news as it was stolen. Speak to the Captain and he'll mention he doesn't know much about the show but gives you a note and ticket found with the suitcase. You then have to investigate some weird happenings with the Frillish and solve the riddle of how to order a book.

Findable Clues:
Ship's newspaper - From Emilia
Order Sheet - From Emilia
Mask - In Rose Milton's room
Note - From the Captain
Ticket - From the suitcase with the mask in the captain's room
Auctions Catalog - Order 6 Sugar Cubes and 7 Ice Tea from the Frillish

Case Notes:
Place all the clues and hints by characters in the correct location in order to solve the mysteries.

Picture Name Goal
Case How do we order? Nobody knows about the show but there's some suspicious activity where you get a book from a Frillish. Work out how to get the book from the Frillish order.
Solve the theft

This book gets you access to an auction. It's semiformal and you need a ticket to gain access. The auction is selling the mask and R. You return to the bridge and the mask disappears once again with Nosepass saying it vanished in the blink of an eye. Your task is to investigate. Do this by finding crew members who entered the room. They then cast suspicion upon Gino, the master chef. When going to find him, Snubbull informs you that they saw an invisible being have a drink.
Gino insists his innocence but when talking to Brionne, it mentions a Pokémon appeared in one of its bubbles and Pikachu solves it as there's an Invisible Pokémon. Solve it and go to Emilia to check her notes to work out the Pokémon. It's deduced that the Pokémon is Kecleon.
Tim gathers everyone together to point out the culprit, it's Gino who wanted it for the Henry Brothers Recipe Book.

Case Notes:
Place all the clues and hints by characters in the correct location in order to solve the mysteries.

Picture Name Goal
Case How did the mask disappear? The mask vanished in plain sight. The task is to work out how by asking all nearby people their testimony.
Solve the theft

Emilia and Tim then decide to infiltrate the auction, with Rose Milton offering a suit for Tim. You then participate in the auction and have to scope out your competitors. Keith then shows up and you stop the auction and have to chase after Keith again. Eventually you'll catch him and Mr. Holiday will appear and take Keith into custody.
As fireworks go off and Tim & Emilia connect, Mewtwo and Pikachu discuss the situation. Mewtwo states that Pikachu has not yet fulfilled the bargain and some cells remain. As humans can't be trusted, Mewtwo wants to do it with its own hands. Threatening to destroy everything, Pikachu reasons with it and has Mewtwo convinced that Tim and Emilia can help. Pikachu asks for Tim's help and they go to get Keith's room. It seems that Keith was taking orders from someone and they have plans to disperse more R in an area filmed by GNN. Tim determines that it's to be dispersed at the parade and that there's still someone at GNN helping disperse R.

Picture Name Goal
Case Take part in the auction Using Gino's money, investigate the nearby people to see how much they'd bid and win the auction.

Action Events:
Press the A button in time in order to complete Action Events.

Picture Name Goal
Case Note Capture Keith Press A in time to defend against a Krokorok. Then, press A in time to catch Pikachu as he slides down a bannister. Finally, press A rapidly to keep hold of Keith and Noivern.

Pokémon In Chapter

Number Picture Name Background Locations Found
#025 Pikachu Tim encounters Pikachu as soon as he enters Ryme City and Pikachu joins him in his travels. Tim is the only person who can understand Pikachu. Pikachu is somewhat arrogant, but gets shy around females. Pikachu was owned by Tim's father, Harry Goodman, who disappeared two months ago following a car crash. -
#019 Rattata Rattata is a Pokémon that tries to board ships at the wharf. It requests for advice on how to board a ship. It is then seen on the S.S. Prime Treasure and helps locate R. Ryme Wharf
S.S. Prime Treasure
#019 Alolan Rattata Alolan Rattata is seen on the S.S. Prime Treasure, having snuck in with other Rattata. S.S. Prime Treasure
#038 Ninetales Ninetales is the partner of one of the passengers on the cruise. The passenger only goes on the cruise because his Ninetales likes it. S.S. Prime Treasure
#131 Lapras Lapras lives in the pool on the S.S. Prime Treasure and often plays with the Brionne. S.S. Prime Treasure
#150 Mewtwo Mewtwo's cells were used to make the chemical, R. However, Mewtwo's Berserk Gene caused the Pokémon to lose control. Mewtwo made a deal with Pikachu for Pikachu to track down all of its cells and stop the people distributing R in exchange for a choice.. -
#163 Hoothoot Hoothoot is Hiro's partner and helps run the timing of the show due to its immaculate sense of timing. GNN
#209 Snubbull Snubbull is Rose Milton's partner Pokémon. It is often startled and scared by the goings on within the boat. S.S. Prime Treasure
#299 Nosepass Nosepass is used as the compass on the boat by its partner, the Captain. It always points north. S.S. Prime Treasure
#352 Kecleon Kecleon is Gino's partner and was used to steal a mask, using its camouflage as a means to avoid detection. S.S. Prime Treasure
#451 Skorupi Skorupi is Keith's Partner Pokémon. It was used to burst the balloon held by Charizard to affect it with the chemical R. It also has a powerful Poison Sting. -
#552 Krokorok Two Krokorok are bouncers in front of the special show on the Prime Treasure. They are very suspicious of Pikachu. They later get taken over by the R chemical. S.S. Prime Treasure
#573 Cinccino Cinccino are partners of one of the passengers on the cruise. S.S. Prime Treasure
#592 Frillish Frillish are waiters on the S.S. Prime Treasure. You can order drinks from them and they'll bring them to you. One will also bring actions to the secret auction's buy list. S.S. Prime Treasure
#609 Chandelure Chandelure is found in the auction admiring a necklace. It has an eye for shiny objects. It later comes to Tim's rescue. S.S. Prime Treasure
#715 Noivern Noivern was used by Keith, and then Roger, in order to escape from the situations. Its powerful attacks can subdue enemies, but it eventually fell to Pikachu. -
#729 Brionne Brionne live in the poole on the deck of the S.S. Prime Treasure. They playfully make balloons to delight the passengers. S.S. Prime Treasure

Exclusive Specific Pika Prompts

The following Pika Prompts can only be activated in this chapter in specific locations.

Picture Name Location Requirements
Chapter 8
ContainersContainersS.S. Prime TreasureBe by the container
Deck ChairsDeck ChairsS.S. Prime TreasureFind a deck chair on the deck of the boat
A Cup at the CaféA Cup at the CaféS.S. Prime TreasureBe in the lounge
How about The Piano Skills?How about The Piano Skills?S.S. Prime TreasureBe by the piano in the lounge
Krokorok SecurityKrokorok SecurityS.S. Prime TreasureBe by Krokorok
The OneThe OneS.S. Prime TreasureTalk to Pikachu after meeting up with Emilia
A Glance from CinccinoA Glance from CinccinoS.S. Prime TreasureBe around Cinccino
Nosepass Faces NorthNosepass Faces NorthS.S. Prime TreasureBe around Nosepass on the bridge
Mythical CoffeeMythical CoffeeS.S. Prime TreasureObtain the Auction List
The NecktieThe NecktieS.S. Prime TreasureGet ready to go to the auction
Chandelure's FlamesChandelure's FlamesS.S. Prime TreasureBe around Chandelure in the auction room
A New CapeA New CapeS.S. Prime TreasureWin the Detective Cape at the auction