Pika Prompts

Pika Prompts are a feature of the game where Pikachu will talk to you. These are small clips that can provide more context to Pikachu's character and more context about the cases and the storyline. Many have specific requirements such as location and Pokémon/characters around you. Sometimes Tim will call to you in order to prompt them, calling your name to talk to him, but you can activate it manually by pressing the Pikachu icon on the bottom screen

Pika Prompts - Rewatching

Once you have unlocked the Pika Prompts, by talking to Pikachu, you can rewatch them at any time from the Pika Prompt menu on the title screen. This allows for you to select whatever one you wish to watch, run through them in order or shuffle them. You even have the ability to favourite your preferred Pika Prompts and include them in a list of your favourite ones.

If you missed the Pika Prompt during your playthrough, you can either replay the chapter and try to activate it, or alternatively, after completing the game you can scan the special Detective Pikachu amiibo which will unlock all the Pika Prompts for you to watch in one go.

General Pika Prompts

The following Pika Prompts can be activated at any point in any chapter.

Picture Name Location Requirements
Coffee Notes
Detective Coffee Note #7Detective Coffee Note #7AnyNone
Detective Coffee Note #8Detective Coffee Note #8AnyNone
Detective Coffee Note #13Detective Coffee Note #13AnyNone
Detective Coffee Note #16Detective Coffee Note #16AnyNone
Detective Coffee Note #21Detective Coffee Note #21AnyNone
Detective Coffee Note #22Detective Coffee Note #22AnyNone
Detective Coffee Note #29Detective Coffee Note #29AnyNone
Detective Coffee Note #30Detective Coffee Note #30AnyNone
Detective Tips
Detective Tip #1Detective Tip #1AnyNone
Detective Tip #2Detective Tip #2AnyNone
Detective Tip #4Detective Tip #4AnyNone
Detective Tip #5Detective Tip #5AnyNone
Detective Tip #8Detective Tip #8AnyNone
Detective Tip #11Detective Tip #11AnyNone
Detective Tip #12Detective Tip #12AnyNone
Detective Tip #15Detective Tip #15AnyNone
Detective Tip #17Detective Tip #17AnyNone
Detective Tip #24Detective Tip #24AnyNone
Detective Tip #28Detective Tip #28AnyNone
Detective Tip #33Detective Tip #33AnyNone
Detective Tip #34Detective Tip #34AnyNone
Detective Tip #45Detective Tip #45AnyNone
Detective Tip #48Detective Tip #48AnyNone
General Pika Prompts
Hey NowHey NowAnyNone
Contents of Your NotesContents of Your NotesAnyNone
Top-Notch StaminaTop-Notch StaminaAnyNone
Aerobics with PikachuAerobics with PikachuAnyNone
Know How To FallKnow How To FallAnyNone
Gear MaintenanceGear MaintenanceAnyNone
Leave the Interogation to MeLeave the Interogation to MeAnyNone
Begging for CoffeeBegging for CoffeeAnyNone
The Mystery of PikachuThe Mystery of PikachuAnyProtect Emilia from Glalie
Steady EffortSteady EffortAnyNone
A Busy FellowA Busy FellowAnyNone
Let's Talk MoreLet's Talk MoreAnyNone
Try Your LuckTry Your LuckAnyNone
Break TimeBreak TimeAnyNone
Slow Reflexes?Slow Reflexes?AnyMiss multiple button prompts
Cover Me!Cover Me!AnyDon't miss any button prompts
Pikachu's TeachingsPikachu's TeachingsAnyNone
A Bolt of...?A Bolt of...?AnyNone
Quick AttackQuick AttackAnyProtect Emilia from Glalie
Iron TailIron TailAnyProtect Emilia from Glalie
FlyFlyAnyProtect Emilia from Glalie
ThunderboltThunderboltAnyProtect Emilia from Glalie
Double TeamDouble TeamAnyProtect Emilia from Glalie
SurfSurfS.S. Prime TreasureBe by the pool
The Nature of a Great DetectiveThe Nature of a Great DetectiveAnyNone
First ImpressionFirst ImpressionAnyNone

Chapter Specific Pika Prompts

The following Pika Prompts can only be activated in specific chapters in specific locations.

Picture Name Location Requirements
Chapter 1
Pika PromptsPika PromptsRyme CityNone
A Trace of the CulpritA Trace of the CulpritRyme CityNone
A Trace of AipomA Trace of AipomRyme CityNone
The Ketchup StainsThe Ketchup StainsRyme CityBe near the Ketchup Print
Imagine You're The VictimImagine You're The VictimTahnti ParkBe near Aipom
Who's The Owner of the Black Feather?Who's The Owner of the Black Feather?Tahnti ParkCollect the Black Feather
The Soccer BallThe Soccer BallTahnti ParkBe near Scraggy
We Can Always TalkWe Can Always TalkTahnti ParkNone
Inside the Trash CanInside the Trash CanTahnti ParkBe near a trash can in the eastern park area
A Coffee SaleA Coffee SaleTahnti ParkBe by the café
Aipom's MischiefAipom's MischiefTahnti ParkBe around Aipom
A Fletchling HatA Fletchling HatBaker Detective AgencyBe around Amanda & Fletchling
Chapter 2
Case DocumentsCase DocumentsGoodman's ApartmentNone
How Far to the Exit?How Far to the Exit?Litwick CaveBe under the gap in the cave
Drifting DrifloonDrifting DrifloonLitwick CaveBe around Drifloon
The Place Where the Wind BlowsThe Place Where the Wind BlowsLitwick CaveRestore Glalie
The Water in the CaveThe Water in the CaveLitwick CaveBe by the river
EchoesEchoesLitwick CaveFreeze the river and be on the ice
Careless on the IceCareless on the IceLitwick CaveFreeze the river and be on the ice
Chapter 3
What's Your NameWhat's Your NamePCLTalk to Pikachu outside the PCL
A Troubled PikachuA Troubled PikachuPCLTalk to Pikachu outside the PCL
Fridge's RoomFridge's RoomPCLBe in Fridge's room
Garbodor's StenchGarbodor's StenchPCLBe in Fridge's room
The Garbodor MachineThe Garbodor MachinePCLBe by the Garbodor Machine
Intensely Spicy CakeIntensely Spicy CakePCLNone
Sour CakeSour CakePCLNone
Looking for the VialLooking for the VialPCLBe in the hallway
Pikachu Came Running Out!Pikachu Came Running Out!PCLBe in the courtyard
Fennekin's Favorite FoodFennekin's Favorite FoodPCLBe around Fennekin
Shuckle's ObservationsShuckle's ObservationsPCLBe around Shuckle
Looking for the KeyLooking for the KeyPCLBe around Klefki
Wallace's RoomWallace's RoomPCLBe in Wallace's Room
A Glance from MinccinoA Glance from MinccinoPCLBe in Dorothy's Office
No Need to Stick AroundNo Need to Stick AroundPCLBe in the courtyard after Trevenant goes berserk
A Cold RoomA Cold RoomPCLBe in the library
Sad CreaturesSad CreaturesPCLBe in the courtyard after Trevenant goes berserk
How to Catch GengarHow to Catch GengarPCLDetermine Gengar's involvement
Chapter 4
Accelgor and the DoughnutAccelgor and the DoughnutBaker Detective AgencyBe around Accelgor
Ludicolo's Dance MovesLudicolo's Dance MovesHi Hat CaféBe around Ludicolo
SeasickSeasickCappucci IslandNone
Flight of the WingullFlight of the WingullCappucci IslandBe around Wingull
Louise's ScentLouise's ScentCappucci IslandBe around Spritzee
Lovely LocaleLovely LocaleCappucci IslandNone
Scent of a PotionScent of a PotionCappucci IslandBe in Waals' house
Manectric Stare-DownManectric Stare-DownCappucci IslandBe next to Manectric
Tropius' FruitTropius' FruitCappucci IslandBe around Tropius
Sticky ShellosSticky ShellosCappucci IslandBe around Shellos
Grown-Up ProblemsGrown-Up ProblemsCappucci IslandAfter Brad makes deductions
Manectric and the Flying DiscManectric and the Flying DiscCappucci IslandBe around Manectric when trying to prove Waals' innocence
Feebas's EvolutionFeebas's EvolutionCappucci IslandBe around Milotic after it evolves from Feebas
Chapter 5
NightmareNightmareFine ParkNone
RainRainFine ParkNone
Waiting Out the RainWaiting Out the RainFine ParkNone
Coffee CupCoffee CupFine ParkBe around the teacup ride
Pokémon FoodPokémon FoodFine ParkBe around the Pokémon food in the south west
The One That Matches the DoughtnutThe One That Matches the DoughtnutFine ParkBe around the large doughnut sign
Comparing Voices with LoudredComparing Voices with LoudredFine ParkBe around Loudred
PortraitPortraitFine ParkCheer up Smeargle
The Stuffull DisconnectThe Stuffull DisconnectFine ParkBefriend Stufful
FlamethrowerFlamethrowerFine ParkNone
ThunderThunderFine ParkNone
Gashes on the WallGashes on the WallFine ParkBe around the Ferris Wheel
The Ferris WheelThe Ferris WheelFine ParkBe around the Ferris Wheel
What's Stuck to It?What's Stuck to It?Fine ParkHunt for Joltik
The CannonThe CannonFine ParkRescue Buneary and be around the cannon
Chapter 6
Even If I Become a TV Star...Even If I Become a TV Star...GNNBe outside the GNN building
Hoothoot's FeetHoothoot's FeetGNNBe around Hoothoot in the Sound Room
Dancing with KricketuneDancing with KricketuneGNNBe around Kricketune
Who's In The Mirror?Who's In The Mirror?GNNBe in a dressing room
Carina's Voice?Carina's Voice?GNNBe around Chatot
Drink ServerDrink ServerGNNBe by the vending machine in the hallway
What's Inside Mimikyu's Disguise?What's Inside Mimikyu's Disguise?GNNBe around Mimikyu
Purugly's WhereaboutsPurugly's WhereaboutsGNNBe around Purugly
Pikachu's PosesPikachu's PosesGNNBe in the studio
Don't DillydallyDon't DillydallyGNNBe in the hallway during the investigation
Just a Little MoreJust a Little MoreGNNBe in the hallway during the investigation
A Chance to Show Our SkillsA Chance to Show Our SkillsGNNBe in the hallway during the investigation
Chapter 7
The FreighterThe FreighterRyme WharfBe by the boat
The CraneThe CraneRyme WharfBe by the crane
The Man at the PortThe Man at the PortRyme WharfNone
Infiltrate and InvestigateInfiltrate and InvestigateRyme Wharf - WarehouseBe on the top floor of the warehouse
The Conveyor BeltThe Conveyor BeltRyme Wharf - WarehouseBe by the conveyor belt
Machamp's MisunderstandingMachamp's MisunderstandingRyme Wharf - WarehouseNone
Pansage's LeavesPansage's LeavesRyme Wharf - WarehouseBe around Pansage
Mewtwo's CellsMewtwo's CellsRyme Wharf - WarehouseBe in Simon's laboratory
A Shard of MemoryA Shard of MemoryRyme Wharf - WarehouseBe in Simon's laboratory
Chapter 8
ContainersContainersS.S. Prime TreasureBe by the container
Deck ChairsDeck ChairsS.S. Prime TreasureFind a deck chair on the deck of the boat
A Cup at the CaféA Cup at the CaféS.S. Prime TreasureBe in the lounge
How about The Piano Skills?How about The Piano Skills?S.S. Prime TreasureBe by the piano in the lounge
Krokorok SecurityKrokorok SecurityS.S. Prime TreasureBe by Krokorok
The OneThe OneS.S. Prime TreasureTalk to Pikachu after meeting up with Emilia
A Glance from CinccinoA Glance from CinccinoS.S. Prime TreasureBe around Cinccino
Nosepass Faces NorthNosepass Faces NorthS.S. Prime TreasureBe around Nosepass on the bridge
Mythical CoffeeMythical CoffeeS.S. Prime TreasureObtain the Auction List
The NecktieThe NecktieS.S. Prime TreasureGet ready to go to the auction
Chandelure's FlamesChandelure's FlamesS.S. Prime TreasureBe around Chandelure in the auction room
A New CapeA New CapeS.S. Prime TreasureWin the Detective Cape at the auction
Chapter 9
Rush to the AgencyRush to the AgencyRyme CityNone
Pikachu's ResolvePikachu's ResolveRyme CityBe around Ludicolo
Where's the Scene of the Crime?Where's the Scene of the Crime?Baker Detective AgencyNone
Find the R Dispersing MachinesFind the R Dispersing MachinesCentral SquareNone
The Clock TowerThe Clock TowerCentral SquareBe around the Clock Tower
Do Your Best!Do Your Best!Central SquareNone
Calm DownCalm DownCentral SquareNone
Who's the Mastermind?Who's the Mastermind?Central SquareFind out Keith has accomplices
The first R Dispersing MachineThe first R Dispersing MachineCentral SquareFind the first R Dispersing Machine
The second R Dispersing MachineThe second R Dispersing MachineCentral SquareFind the second R Dispersing Machine
The third R Dispersing MachineThe third R Dispersing MachineCentral SquareFind the third R Dispersing Machine