Chapter 3 - PCL


Included Characters:
Emilia Christie
Meiko Okamato
Carlos Hernando
Dorothy Fisher
Frederick Hartfield
Nina O'Hara
Rita Partridge
Wallace Carroll

After evacuating from the cave, Tim & Pikachu return home and discover a broken Ampoule within Harry Goodman's belongings. With the help of the Detective Agency, they learn that it may have originated from the nearby laboratory, the PCL, and Tim & Pikachu leave to investigate and get more clues to solve Harry Goodman's disappearance.


Look for the Vial

Getting into the PCL, Pikachu & Tim go on a tour of the facility, but decide they need to investigate room by room looking for the matching ampoule to try and find out what was in it.

Findable Clues:
Vial Shard
Passcode Chart - Found in tree in library
Passcode Keys - Keypad in hall
Results of Liquid Investigation
Green Berry
Blue berry
Water from the water tank
Yellow Berry
Red Berry
Color Combination Chart - From Carlos
Culture Solution - From Wallace
Coffee - From meeting room
Shuckle's juice - From Shuckle after the experiment
Paper Scrap - From Wallace's lab
Empty Can - From Minccino in Director's office
Battery - From trash can in Carlos' Lab
Berry Core - From trash can in Fridge's lab

Case Notes:
Place all the clues and hints by characters in the correct location in order to solve the mysteries.

Picture Name Goal
Case What's The Passcode? Exploring the in-facility library, find out what the special passcode is to get into the other part of the building. This is done through investigating the various books and plants around
Case How can we complete the experiment? Find the right materials in order to successfully have Shuckle create a new concoction
Chase The Mysterious Black Shadow

Having found the ampoule, Tim & Pikachu return the next day to get some more answers. When there, the GNN news team of Emilia and Meiko arrive to do a piece on the PCL. However, soon afterwards, Trevenant's eye glows red and starts to attack, much like the Glalie in the cave. It's up to Tim & Pikachu to solve this mystery.

Findable Clues:
Ghost Stories Report No. 1
Ghost Stories Report No. 2
Ghost Stories Report No. 3
Ghost Stories Report No. 4
Ghost Stories Report No. 5
Capture Device

Case Notes:
Place all the clues and hints by characters in the correct location in order to solve the mysteries.

Picture Name Goal
Case Who is the mysterious Pokémon? Exploring the in-facility library and getting notes from everyone in the PCL, uncover the mystery of the Pokémon.
Case How can we catch Gengar? Find the right items in order to catch Gengar once and for all

Action Events:
Press the A button in time in order to complete Action Events.

Picture Name Goal
Case Note Help Pikachu Press A in time to dodge Gengar's attack
Case Note Catch the Gengar Press A in time to shoot Gengar with an Electro Web
Reveal The Real Culprit

After Gengar is caught, there is one final task to do. Find out who is behind causing it to make the attacks on the people and Pokémon in the city. To do this, a hidden room needs to be uncovered from the library.

Findable Clues:
Trevenant's Leftovers - From Underground Lab
Research Log - From Desk
Vial - From machine
Picture from surveillance camera - From Rita
Old Research Log - From table

Pokémon In Chapter

Number Picture Name Background Locations Found
#025 Pikachu Tim encounters Pikachu as soon as he enters Ryme City and Pikachu joins him in his travels. Tim is the only person who can understand Pikachu. Pikachu is somewhat arrogant, but gets shy around females. Pikachu was owned by Tim's father, Harry Goodman, who disappeared two months ago following a car crash. -
#094 Gengar Gengar was one of the founders of the PCL 20 years ago and was awakened by Carlos to cause trouble in Ryme City. It was apprehended by Pikachu and Tim The PCL
#150 Mewtwo Mewtwo's cells were used to make the chemical, R. However, Mewtwo's Berserk Gene caused the Pokémon to lose control. Mewtwo made a deal with Pikachu for Pikachu to track down all of its cells and stop the people distributing R in exchange for a choice.. -
#213 Shuckle Shuckle is one of the Pokémon at the PCL. It consumes Berries in order to make a variety of juices The PCL
#258 Mudkip Mudkip was among the founders of the PCL 20 years ago. It hasn't been seen since -
#479 Rotom Rotom is one of the Pokémon in the PCL and works with Carlos in his lab. It often inhabits various machines including computer monitors. The PCL
#507 Herdier Herdier helps guard the PCL with the security guards. A Herdier was also one of the founding members of the PCL. The PCL
#569 Garbodor Garbodor works with Frederick in the PCL to help solve issues with pollution and toxins. The PCL
#572 Minccino Minccino is found in Dorothy's office in the PCL and is owned by Dorothy. It cleans the office for her The PCL
#577 Solosis A pair of Solosis are being researched by Wallace in his lab in the PCL. Their tank water can be useful. The PCL
#578 Duosion A pair of Duosion are being researched by Wallace in his lab in the PCL. The PCL
#653 Fennekin Fennekin is one of the Pokémon being looked after in the PCL. The PCL
#670 Floette Floette is the partner Pokémon of Rita, the receptionist at the PCL. The PCL
#707 Klefki Klefki protects the keys that unlock various rooms in the PCL, but can be persuaded to open the warehouse. The PCL
#708 Phantump Phantump is one of the Pokémon being looked after in the PCL. The PCL
#709 Trevenant Trevenant is one of the Pokémon being looked after in the PCL. It was caused to attack Tim & Pikachu by a hidden Gengar The PCL

Exclusive Specific Pika Prompts

The following Pika Prompts can only be activated in this chapter in specific locations.

Picture Name Location Requirements
Chapter 3
What's Your NameWhat's Your NamePCLTalk to Pikachu outside the PCL
A Troubled PikachuA Troubled PikachuPCLTalk to Pikachu outside the PCL
Fridge's RoomFridge's RoomPCLBe in Fridge's room
Garbodor's StenchGarbodor's StenchPCLBe in Fridge's room
The Garbodor MachineThe Garbodor MachinePCLBe by the Garbodor Machine
Intensely Spicy CakeIntensely Spicy CakePCLNone
Sour CakeSour CakePCLNone
Looking for the VialLooking for the VialPCLBe in the hallway
Pikachu Came Running Out!Pikachu Came Running Out!PCLBe in the courtyard
Fennekin's Favorite FoodFennekin's Favorite FoodPCLBe around Fennekin
Shuckle's ObservationsShuckle's ObservationsPCLBe around Shuckle
Looking for the KeyLooking for the KeyPCLBe around Klefki
Wallace's RoomWallace's RoomPCLBe in Wallace's Room
A Glance from MinccinoA Glance from MinccinoPCLBe in Dorothy's Office
No Need to Stick AroundNo Need to Stick AroundPCLBe in the courtyard after Trevenant goes berserk
A Cold RoomA Cold RoomPCLBe in the library
Sad CreaturesSad CreaturesPCLBe in the courtyard after Trevenant goes berserk
How to Catch GengarHow to Catch GengarPCLDetermine Gengar's involvement