Like the previous games, there is a small hub-area in the game. This area holds many shops and stalls in order for you to do many of the tasks required in the game. However, unlike the previous games, the area you are in varies depending upon the game you are playing.

Blazing Adventure Squad brings you to the Pokémon Village. This village contains a lava lake and is set around a volcano.
Stormy Adventure Squad brings you to the Pokémon Beach. As it is a beach, it has a tropical look and includes the sea and various shells placed around the area.
Light Adventure Squad brings you to the Pokémon Garden. This is set in an idealic forest and has beautiful shrubbery and flowers growing around it.

Despite the areas all having different styles and appearances, the basic layout of each area is essentially identical and they all hold the same stalls. So, if you switch from one game to the other, you will have no trouble finding anything within it. However, some of the native Pokémon in the area do change depending on the version. Below are the areas of note within these hub-areas;

Duskull Bank

As with the previous games, you will collect money as you go through the dungeons and complete missions and like in the previous games, you will lose money should you faint in the dungeon. With that in mind, in the hub-area, there is a bank. Once again run by Duskull, this bank will allow you to make deposits of your money and to withdraw your money at any time.

Kangskhan Warehouse

In the same manner as money, you will find a variety of items in the Pokémon Dungeon games. These items will vary from helpful items such as berries & gummis to technical machines. However, just like money, if you faint while in a dungeon, you will lose many of your items. The Kangskhan Warehouse allows you to store and withdraw any of these items.

Kecleon Shop

In a slight change from the previous games, the Kecleon Shop makes its return. However, unlike in the past five games, the stall is manned by a single Kecleon. It is currently unknown if this single Kecleon will cover all of the types of items covered by both in the previous games, or if it will just cover the standard Food, Hold & Healing Items the green Kecleon did in the past.

Gastrodon Judgment House

One of the new stalls in the hub area is the Gastrodon Judgment House. This stall, manned by Gastrodon from both the West & East Seas, will allow for the appraising and opening of Treasure Chests found within dungeons for the cheap price of 150 P. This works in a similar manner to Xatu's Appraisal in Dungeon Time, Darkness & Sky. The job of the West Sea Gastrodon is currently unknown.


Slaking also makes an appearance within the hub-area. Its uses are currently unknown, however based upon the commercial, it does attack you.

The Slowking Elder

In each of the hub-areas, the elder of the area is Slowking and it acts in a similar manner to the Wigglytuff from the Wigglytuff Guild. Slowking is the Pokémon that has you set up your Adventure Squad and is the Pokémon that will send you out on a variety of missions to help other Pokémon.