One of the brand new features of these games is the Pokémon Tower feature. This feature, clearly dervied from the towers in Pokémon Ranch, allows you to combine all of your Adventure Squad into a tower for more agile movement and stronger powers

Creating a Tower

This is acheived by finding a hole in the floor in the dungeons. These are placed in the dungeon in a similar manner to the traps normally found in the dungeons. If your Pokémon goes into the hole, the Pokémon behind it will jump on.

You can keep doing this until all of your Pokémon are up on a tower. This means the four of your Pokémon are moving as if they are one and they will be able to attack simultaneously.

To get an optimum tower, you will have to tower your Pokémon up based on size with the biggest at the bottom.

Wild Pokémon

However, you are not the only Pokémon that can use this feature. The wild Pokémon in the dungeon have the ability of using this and as such you can end up having a massive fight against another Pokémon Tower. This means you'll have to be even more strategic in trying to take the opponent Pokémon out. However, you can also toss items to knock them off their tower

We'll bring more details on this as and when they come.