The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Adventure Squad series is unique in that they are three games on a Home Console. As they are on the console and not on the handhelds, connectivity between versions is done in a completely seperate way. Instead, the majority of the game's cross compatibility comes from having all of the versions on the same Wii.

With this, you can utilise the same save file in order to have your progress tracked in all three games.

The Dungeons

Unlike the previous multi-version Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, the dungeons in these three games are completely different. Each dungeon has a general theme that spreads across the respective dungeons in the other versions, but the Pokémon within each dungeon is completely different. Below is a listing of the dungeons;

Blazing Stormy Light
Dubious Forest Dubious Hill Dubious Valley
Cheerful Meadow Exciting Meadow Sparkling Plains
Sunset Rockland Cloudy Rockland Shady Rockland
Marsh Valley Stream Forest Ice Hill
Ruby Lake Jade Lake Mica Lake
Chocolate Mountain Chocolate Island Chocolate Field
Path to Treasure Valley Path to Treasure Mountain Path to Treasure Island
Fire Mountains Storm Island Light Summit
Ripple Seas Stormy Seas Wave Seas
Mystery Plains Mystery Marsh Mystery Meadow
Weird Mountain Weird Rockland Weird Forest
Secret Archipelago Secret Highland Secret Rockmountain
Unown Village Unown Resort Unown Garden
Legendary Volcanic Island Legendary Wetland Legendary Mountains
Final Mountain Final Island Final Cave

The Pokémon

With the Dungeons being completely different in all the games, the Pokémon found within the dungeons are also different so the Pokémon you will obtain are completely different from game to game. With this, you need to have all three games in order to obtain all 493 Pokémon.

Blazing Exclusives | Stormy Exclusives | Light Exclusives

Each game has their own set of Starter Pokémon, all of which cannot be obtained within the other games, in addition to the previous Pokémon. However, if you have all three games, you will have access to all of the Pokémon. Since the Pokémon storage is shared between the three games, you can use any of the Pokémon in any of the games. However, you cannot use Pokémon that are out of storage and in your Adventure Squads in any of the other games. You will have to put them back into storage to utilise them in the other games.

The amount of Pokémon and items that you can store is also dependant on the amount of games you have tied to your save file. The more games you have associated with them, the more Pokémon and items you can store.

Games Pokémon Items
1 176 Pokémon 320 Items
2 352 Pokémon 640 Items
3 552 Pokémon 1000 Items