Alternate Coloured Pokémon

Unlike the previous Mystery Dungeon games, the Adventure Squad Series has the inclusion of the Alternate Coloured Pokémon. Like in the main games, these Pokémon are incredibly rare and will likely not be seen by most players. As such, when you get them, you'll have to do your best to recruit them

Differences from Normal Pokémon

Unlike the other Pokémon, the Alternate Coloured Pokémon within this game do have an added bonus. Their Hunger stat is always 200 as opposed to the 100 of normal Pokémon. This makes these Pokémon incredibly worthwhile for the larger dungeons and great as a base for the Pokémon Towers.

Aside from that change however, the Pokémon essentially remain the same apart from the aesthetic change.

In Dungeon Adventure Squad Series, only a few dozen Pokémon have the ability of being shiny so you have to keep your eye out for them. The Pokémon are as follows:

Pic: Name: Type 1 Type 2
Caterpie Bug None
Metapod Bug None
Butterfree Bug Flying
Tentacool Water Poison
Tentacruel Water Poison
Voltorb Electric None
Electrode Electric None
Magikarp Water None
Gyarados Water Flying
Hoothoot Normal Flying
Noctowl Normal Flying
Mareep Electric None
Flaaffy Electric None
Ampharos Electric None
Hoppip Grass Flying
Skiploom Grass Flying
Jumpluff Grass Flying
Wooper Water Ground
Quagsire Water Ground
Shuckle Bug Rock
Slugma Fire None
Magcargo Fire Rock
Zigzagoon Normal None
Linoone Normal None
Wurmple Bug None
Silcoon Bug None
Beautifly Bug Flying
Cascoon Bug None
Dustox Bug Poison
Roselia Grass Poison
Barboach Water Ground
Whiscash Water Ground
Budew Grass Poison
Roserade Grass Poison
Skorupi Poison Bug
Drapion Poison Dark
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