Like in the previous Mystery Dungeon games, there are passwords that can be given for various aspects of the game. In the WiiWare Dungeon games, you also get passwords for missions and another feature. The non-mission passwords are Friendship Passwords and can allow for a variety of Pokémon to join your Adventure Squad. Below are the revealed passwords and this page will be updated whenever any new password is revealed.

Password Pokémon Level Obtained at Duration
Japanese Passwords
H%42 15NY
Manaphy Level 7 Game Manual 04/08/2009
YRM= 5&@7
Chikorita Level 5 Official Website 04/08/2009
#8T& S65&
Porygon Level 23 Official Website 07/08/2009
S=T0 T58%
Heatran Level 25 Official Website 11/08/2009
WN-6 YC@5
-#27 2F%4
Dratini Level 5 Yahoo Website 11/08/2009
WT29 J-+R
Wailord Level 40 Yahoo Website 20/08/2009
6159 #4=%
Gyarados (Alternate Colour) Level 30 Nintendo Channel 26/08/2009
H@8% @40N
-9=9 YH@M
Lapras Level 40 Flyer 01/09/2009
79-% 7YF1
R7KR R+@6
Budew (Alternate Colour) Level 5 Flyer 01/09/2009
6JCQ Y443
818J YW36
Hoppip (Alternate Colour) Level 5 Pokémon Daisuki Club 12/09/2009
#X2W &44=
JN99 5H@W
Spiritomb Level 40 Famitsu DS & Wii November Issue 29/09/2009
%4YN M#05
=FP+ @9SQ
Metagross Level 45 Nintendo DS Dengeki November Issue 29/09/2009
K-43 P@@0
0S-Y 7%KC
Ludicolo Level 45 Pokémon Daisuki Club 12/10/2009
Y3Y= =@X@
W%H# =+-F
Chimchar Level 41 Pokémon Sunday 01/11/2009
NK-M T&61
Lucario Level 51 Pokémon Sunday 08/11/2009
P-3M +#FJ
80RY 44+9
Shiftry Level 45 Pokémon Daisuki Club 12/11/2009
#-F5 5N-%
+P4S 5C#6
Sableye Level 57 Pokémon Sunday 15/11/2009
4T2N JN#+
PJ81 5HC-
Milotic Level 40 Nintendo Channel 19/11/2009
5F9S 0F79
PJ81 5HC--
Voltorb (Alternate Colour) Level 5 Pokémon Sunday 21/11/2009
K--Q &X%R
1%MC =8TX
Roserade (Alternate Colour) Level 50 Pokémon Daisuki Club 18/12/2009