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Spacial Rift

Amount of Floors - B15F + Deepest Part B9F + Bottom
Unlock Criterea - Talk to Lapras at shoreline after clearing The Nightmare
Boss - Palkia

Pic No. Name Floors Found on
#441 Chatot B1F-B6F
#452 Drapion B1F-B6F
#178 Xatu B1F-B7F
#475 Gallade B1F-B9F
#064 Kadabra B1F-B9F, B11F-B15F, DPB1F-B4F, DPB6F-B9F
#135 Jolteon B1F-B15F, B11F-B15F, DPB1F-B4F, DPB6F-B9F
#430 Honchcrow B1F-B15F, B11F-B15F, DPB1F-B4F, DPB6F-B9F
#006 Charizard B1F-B15F, DPB1F-B9F
#302 Sableye B1F-B15F, DPB1F-B9F
#462 Magnezone B1F-B15F, DPB1F-B9F
#466 Electivire B1F-B15F, DPB1F-B9F
#338 Solrock B4F-B10F
#358 Chimecho B5F-B15F, DPB1F-B9F
#207 Gligar B6F-B15F, DPB1F-B9F
#436 Bronzor B7F-B12F
#454 Toxicroak B7F-B15F, DPB1F-B9F
#380 Latias B10F
(Requires Secret Slab or Enigma Part)
#357 Tropius B12F-B15F, DPB1F-B2F
#491 Darkrai B14F
(Requires Secret Slab or Enigma Part)
#477 Dusknoir B14F-B15F, DPB1F-B4F
#096 Drowzee B15F, DPB1F-B4F
#442 Spiritomb B15F, DPB1F-B5F
#137 Porygon DPB3F-B9F
#381 Latios DPB5F
(Requires Secret Slab or Enigma Part)
#097 Hypno DPB6F-B9F
#337 Lunatone DPB6F-B9F
#484 Palkia Bottom
(On Second & Subsequent Visits)

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