Decorating the Aquarium

As a large portion of the game requires you training your Magikarp, the game is set in an aquarium. With the Support Pokémon being found at the top, you can find your Magikarp and its food at the bottom. However, you have the ability to customise the aquarium with a variety of different backdrops and items.

These will provide a variety of special bonuses to your Magikarp, allowing for you to focus on the specifics you desire for the training of your Magikarp.

You can only place up to 5 different decorations at any one time however, but the bonuses you get from them are active whether or not you have them out.

Backdrop Listings

Picture Aquarium Description Unlock
Starter Pond Recovers 1 Workout Regime Initial
Forest Lagoon An aquarium immersed in green ideal for relaxing Defeat Friend League
Mountain Stream An aquarium ideal for refreshing after a hard workout Defeat Velox League
Hot Springs A hot aquarium that makes you want to jump in after a workout Defeat Mega League
Dank Theme A very dark aquarium. Not ideal for weak Magikarp Defeat Luxury League
Swampy Jungle A rough-looking pond that feels like a wild environment Defeat Heal League
Red Rock A pro's pond, where one can train hard in harsh conditions Defeat Ultra League

Decoration Listings

Picture Item Name Description Cost
Aegislash Statue JP from training: +20% 350 Diamonds
Bronze Eevee Event Probability after league matches: +4% 550 Diamonds
Cacnea Planter Skill recovery rate: +10% 400 Diamonds
Clefairy Doll JP from skills: +20% 350 Diamonds
Ditto Cushion Coins received +10% 550 Diamonds (after getting a Ditto Magikarp)
Dugtrio Rock Lv. Up Coins + 32% 400 Diamonds
Exeggutor Palm Coins from Leagues: +12% 150 Diamonds
Gold Magikarp Statue Coins received: +12% Beat the Master League
Important Sign Maximum food in tank: +1 Gift after losing first Magikarp
Lampent Lamp Level Increase Reward: +29% 250 Diamonds
Lilligant Doll Training Event Rate: +6% 450 Diamonds
Octillery Pot JP from food: +10% Complete Peso League
Parasect Puffballs JP from events: +16% 100 Diamonds
Red Cap JP from Training: +20% Beat the Elite Four League
Shaymin Planter JP from food: +14% 250 Diamonds
S.S. Anne Model Coins from treasure: +68% 450 Diamonds
Starmie Bubbler Skill recovery rate: +10% Beat the Heal League
Substitute Plush Maximum food in tank: +2 300 Diamonds
Sudowoodo Bonsai Coins from events: +29% Complete Rapid League
Sunflora Bunch Coins from Events: +28% 200 Diamonds
Whimsicott Cushion Experience Points Earned: +9% 450 Diamonds