Pokémon Magikarp Jump is a free to play game, and as such has numerous aspects that require purchasing using in-game currency.


Diamonds are the main currency within the game. Diamonds are mostly used to purchase other things in the game. While a lot can be obtained through gameplay, the primary means to obtain these by purchasing them using real money. The pricing scheme is as follows

Diamond Amount Japanese Price US Price UK Price
50 Diamonds     Ł0.99
250 Diamond     Ł4.99
550 Diamonds     Ł9.99
1,200 Diamonds     Ł19.99
2,150 Diamonds     Ł33.99

There are monthly limits to how much you can spend. For each Diamond bought, you earn 1 point. You cannot exceed 5,000 points. This is not reset with time so you can never buy more than 5000 Diamonds total

In addition to buying Diamonds, you receive the same amount of Tickets.


With the coupons that you get with your Diamonds, you can exchange them for a variety of special gifts. These gifts are just simple items, but there are a few twists. You get a number of the items and they all cost 500 Tickets each, but you need to cycle through them to get them all

Picture Item Name Cost
5 Training Soda 500 Tickets
3 LP Restore 500 Tickets
1 Power Up 500 Tickets
1 Sack of Coins 500 Tickets
Diamond Miner 500 Tickets
1 Purse of Coins 500 Tickets
1 Purse of Coins 500 Tickets
1 Purse of Coins 500 Tickets
1 Purse of Coins 500 Tickets
1 Purse of Coins 500 Tickets

Using the in-game currency, you can choose between two types of Shops

  • Coin Shop: The Coin shops allow for you to buy Berries to feed your Pokémon and new Training methods for your Pokémon. More unlock as your trainer levels up.
  • Diamond Shop: The Diamond shop allows for you to purchase various items to Decorate the aquarium you store Magikarp in and purchase new Support Pokémon. These give various boosts to the Magikarp as it levels up and eats.

Diamond Digger

When you have obtained the Diamond Digger, then you gain access to the ability to get a constant supply of diamonds. You can select the Diamond Digger from the main menu to dig 100 Diamonds. The digger then takes 22 hours to recharge, allowing you to always get Diamonds and build up to save for any items remaining.