When your Magikarp is fully levelled, or at whatever point you do so desire, you may take your Magikarp to the league to compete with other characters who are trying to see how high their Magikarp can jump. There are seven different leagues to compete in, all with varying number of levels as well as increasingly strong Magikarp.

When you have cleared a level, you use up Stamina. If you win, you get Stamina back. If you lose, you lose stamina and need to wait a while before you can go again, unless you use League Spray.

Below is a list of all the leagues. Click the league name to go to its specific page for further details.

League Listings

Badge League Stages
Friend League Friend League 5
Quick League Quick League 10
Heavy League Heavy League 15
Great League Great League 15
Fast League Fast League 15
Luxury League Luxury League 20
Heal League Heal League 20
Ultra League Ultra League 20
Elite Four League Elite Four League 20
Master League Master League 15
Expert League 1 Expert League 1 10
Expert League 2 Expert League 2 10
Expert League 3 Expert League 3 15