Trainer Level

Unlike previous Pokémon games, Magikarp Jump has you, in addition to raising your Magikarp's level, raise the level of your trainer too. This has multiple effects.

The most notable effect is the maximum level of Magikarp that you can capture. The higher your Trainer Rank, the higher level Magikarp you can get. In addition to this, as you progress through the game, the JP and Coins you receive from events and Pokémon Skills will scale based on your level. Each of these has got a set value, which is then multiplied based on your Trainer Rank.

To rank up your trainer, all you need to do is beat the stages in the various Leagues. Mayor Karp will also give you a sizeable value every time your Magikarp retires as well. This allows for you to progress in the game without potentially being locked behind a grind.

Trainer Rank

RankExperience RequiredMax. Magikarp Level
Purse of Coins

Sack of Coins

Mountain of Coins
Rank 10Lv. 1199316961
Rank 22Lv. 12100323991
Rank 39Lv. 131023301,025
Rank 418Lv. 141043391,066
Rank 529Lv. 151063501,112
Rank 643Lv. 161093611,164
Rank 758Lv. 171123741,221
Rank 875Lv. 181163921,304
Rank 996Lv. 191214151,406
Rank 10121Lv. 201284411,525
Rank 11151Lv. 211354721,663
Rank 12188Lv. 221435071,823
Rank 13233Lv. 231525492,009
Rank 14289Lv. 241635972,224
Rank 15352Lv. 251776562,492
Rank 16423Lv. 261937262,806
Rank 17503Lv. 272128073,175
Rank 18599Lv. 282349033,606
Rank 19714Lv. 292581,0084,079
Rank 20852Lv. 302831,1174,572
Rank 211,022Lv. 313081,2285,070
Rank 221,231Lv. 323351,3425,582
Rank 231,489Lv. 333641,4696,154
Rank 241,780Lv. 343961,6106,792
Rank 252,108Lv. 354331,7687,504
Rank 262,478Lv. 364731,9458,299
Rank 272,922Lv. 375182,1429,187
Rank 283,454Lv. 385692,36110,177
Rank 294,093Lv. 396252,60711,281
Rank 304,879Lv. 406882,88012,514
Rank 315,846Lv. 417583,18513,889
Rank 327,035Lv. 428373,52615,424
Rank 338,376Lv. 439243,90617,136
Rank 349,889Lv. 441,0214,33019,046
Rank 3511,596Lv. 451,1304,80321,177
Rank 3613,644Lv. 461,2515,33023,554
Rank 3716,101Lv. 471,3875,91926,206
Rank 3819,050Lv. 481,5386,57529,164
Rank 3922,677Lv. 491,7067,30832,463
Rank 4027,139Lv. 501,8948,12436,143
Rank 4132,627Lv. 512,1039,03540,247
Rank 4239,487Lv. 522,33710,05144,824
Rank 4348,061Lv. 532,59711,18449,928
Rank 4458,779Lv. 542,88712,44755,620
Rank 4570,869Lv. 553,21113,85661,967
Rank 4684,507Lv. 563,57215,42669,044
Rank 4799,890Lv. 573,97517,17876,934
Rank 48118,350Lv. 584,42419,13085,731
Rank 49140,502Lv. 594,92421,30795,539
Rank 50167,084Lv. 605,48223,733106,472
Rank 51199,780Lv. 616,10426,438118,659
Rank 52239,996Lv. 626,79729,453132,244
Rank 53289,462Lv. 637,56932,814147,386
Rank 54351,294Lv. 648,43036,559164,262
Rank 55428,584Lv. 659,39040,733183,070
Rank 56525,197Lv. 6610,45945,385204,030
Rank 57634,176Lv. 6711,65150,569227,387
Rank 58757,104Lv. 6812,97956,345253,412
Rank 59895,767Lv. 6914,45862,781282,410
Rank 601,062,163Lv. 7016,10769,951314,718
Rank 611,261,838Lv. 7117,94377,939350,711
Rank 621,501,448Lv. 7219,98986,838390,807
Rank 631,796,168Lv. 7322,26896,751435,471
Rank 642,158,674Lv. 7424,806107,792485,220
Rank 652,604,556Lv. 7527,633120,089540,629
Rank 663,161,909Lv. 7630,781133,785602,337
Rank 673,858,600Lv. 7734,287149,037671,058
Rank 684,729,464Lv. 7838,192166,020747,581
Rank 695,711,798Lv. 7942,539184,930832,786
Rank 706,819,871Lv. 8047,379205,985927,652
Rank 718,069,777Lv. 8152,665228,9791,031,260
Rank 729,569,664Lv. 8258,247253,2601,140,662
Rank 7311,369,529Lv. 8364,094278,6971,255,277
Rank 7413,529,367Lv. 8470,530306,6921,381,415
Rank 7516,185,968Lv. 8577,613337,5021,520,235
Rank 7619,453,587Lv. 8684,972369,5151,664,479
Rank 7723,472,758Lv. 8793,030404,5681,822,416
Rank 7828,496,722Lv. 88101,853442,9471,995,345
Rank 7934,776,677Lv. 89111,513484,9702,184,689