Jump Power

Jump Power is the unique element of this game which helps determine how strong your Magikarp is and how high it is able to jump in the league. To gain Jump Power, you have to feed the Magikarp, put it through training or even from some events. Each Magikarp has a maximum level which restricts its maximum Jump Power which means you need to start again.

The maximum Jump Power for each level does vary depending upon the Style of the Magikarp, but largely is the same.

Jump Power Bonuses

There are also ways to boost the Jump Power you gain. First is the common method of some Magikarp you catch having that as their individual ability bonus. This will allow for higher Jump Power from food, events or training. It differs between all Magikarp so be sure to keep a look out. Some Magikarp can even have this boosted by over 200% so it's worth checking.

There's also a general boost you get from Mayor Karp. Every time you have a Magikarp retire from being maximum level, Mayor Karp will give a 10% boost. In addition to that, every time you complete one of the four Objectives to beat the leagues, you will get an additional boost of 30% each. This is capped at a 600% boost in Version 1.0, 950% in Version 1.1 and 1,250% in Version 1.2 so you cannot get any higher than that.