Although the purpose of the game is to defeat other Magikarp in various contests of jumping, the focal point of the game is in raising the Magikarp, and there are three different elements to the process.

Capturing Magikarp

Like all Pokémon games, you need to capture a Magikarp. The capture in this game starts off the same as all others. You get given a choice between three different rods, with the alternate colours unlocking after you have beaten the Mega League. Then, your character goes and fishes the Magikarp. There are many different styles of Magikarp, each with different rarities.

GoldenVery Rare

When the Magikarp is captured, it has a maximum level based on your current trainer level. It will also display the Jump Power Bonus you have at your current trainer level, and a special individual bonus that it has. These bonuses are random and have effects just for this Magikarp. It then stacks with other bonuses from decorations and the standard bonus. The value of the individual bonus is random

  • Increased Jump Power from food
  • Increased Jump Power from training
  • Increased Jump Power from Events
  • Increased Money from Events
  • Increased Money

If, when you have caught a Magikarp you decide that it isn't what you want, then you can spend 10 Diamonds to fish again to try for another one, or 50 if that one isn't good.

Each Magikarp you catch has certain potential listed by the Fisherman:

  • Not much of an individual, though, is it?
  • It's got some individuality, I'd say
  • That is one singularly stunning individual
  • And it's quite the individual! It's got some real personality
This helps determine the differences between the Magikarp. The better the personality, the better its abilities and even how high its Jump Power can go

Raising Magikarp

Raising Magikarp is fairly simple. Basically, feed it Food in the aquarium, take it on Training Regimes, or even from some Events. This will give it increased Jump Power. As its Jump Power increase, it level increases. However, the maximum level it can be is only 10 higher than your trainer level at time of capture.

As Jump Power is gained, Magikarp will level up and when it reaches certain milestone levels, it will grow to be bigger, sometimes getting a new look and style in the process. The Magikarp's appearance will not register in the game's list until it has reached a higher level. At first, this happens at half of the Pokémon's maximum level, but as you get higher levelled, your Pokémon will grow multiple times. Every 5 levels you gain, a Poké Ball will appear with Coins as well.

LevelRequired Jump Power
Level 10
Level 271
Level 3178
Level 4337
Level 5536
Level 6765
Level 71,007
Level 81,275
Level 91,565
Level 101,945
Level 112,446
Level 123,241
Level 134,500
Level 146,686
Level 1510,292
Level 1616,243
Level 1723,978
Level 1833,760
Level 1944,933
Level 2057,032
Level 2169,851
Level 2283,417
Level 2397,763
Level 24112,928
Level 25131,358
Level 26158,532
Level 27198,868
Level 28239,717
Level 29280,565
Level 30321,414
Level 31371,250
Level 32436,535
Level 33515,625
Level 34619,232
Level 35755,993
Level 36922,842
Level 371,134,740
Level 381,361,472
Level 391,588,203
Level 401,840,122
Level 412,097,079
Level 422,413,136
Level 432,814,529
Level 443,244,019
Level 453,673,510
Level 464,197,488
Level 474,824,186
Level 485,607,557
Level 496,578,939
Level 507,652,760
Level 518,984,297
Level 5210,821,819
Level 5313,853,731
Level 5417,492,024
Level 5522,149,040
Level 5627,877,170
Level 5733,719,862
Level 5839,971,542
Level 5946,223,223
Level 6052,474,903
Level 6158,726,584
Level 6266,916,285
Level 6377,071,515
Level 6493,827,644
Level 65114,102,561
Level 66135,188,474
Level 67161,545,865
Level 68194,229,030
Level 69228,219,522
Level 70271,387,447
Level 71321,109,484
Level 72372,820,402
Level 73434,873,503
Level 74522,368,377
Level 75637,861,610
Level 76797,242,271
Level 771,001,249,517
Level 781,254,218,503
Level 791,585,607,874
Level 801,986,589,014
Level 812,434,643,578
Level 822,972,309,054
Level 833,589,443,295
Level 844,285,191,645
Level 855,029,642,379
Level 865,796,426,636
Level 876,578,546,577
Level 887,415,414,915
Level 898,269,020,619
Level 909,120,000,000

In addition to this, you'll always have a bonus given by Mayor Karp, which is increased whenever you max out a Magikarp. This really aids in the speed you can level up your Magikarp.

While growing the Magikarp, you can take it to the leagues without fear of losing it when you lose, but when the Magikarp is at its strongest...

Losing Magikarp

Unfortunately, the Magikarp you raise will not be with you forever. As it has a finite amount of Jump Power that can be gained, it only has so much use and so there are multiple times where you can lose the Magikarp. It's not just from reaching the top Jump Power amount that causes it to be lost, but rather a multitude of things

First, if you lose a league match with Magikarp when it's not at its top Jump Power, you won't have to worry as you won't lose Magikarp this way. If, however, you have Magikarp at the highest it can be and lose a match, then that Magikarp will return with you to the aquarium to retire and just be visible in the background.

In addition to this, there are a few high risk Events that could result in you losing the Magikarp. These events are optional and you can always decline them and get some Jump Power, but if you accept the event, then you have a chance of getting more Jump Power or you could lose the Magikarp through things such as a Voltorb exploding or a Pidgeotto carrying Magikarp away.

Finally, there's an option in the menu after you reach rank 15 to retire the current Magikarp and replace it with a new Magikarp, so you can do this if your Magikarp isn't the right one that you desire.

Once you have lost the Magikarp, Mayor Karp will give you some experience for your trainer to help you level up to the next level in order to get a stronger Magikarp and conquer the next stage.