#606 Beheeyem
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Colress/Hoodman's Beheeyem
Gender Nickname Ability
Male N/A Telepathy
Attacks Calm Mind, Energy Ball, Recover, Shadow Ball, Teleport, Wonder Room
Colress, who disguised himself as the Hoodman at the Unova Pokemon League, owns this Beheeyem which he used to beat Marlon.
# Chapter Notes
514 VS Deino
517 VS Beheeyem
518 VS Unfezant
524 Zekrom VS Reshiram V
528 VS Genesect III
531 VS Frillish
535 VS Muk
536 VS Kyurem I
537 VS Kyurem II
538 VS Kyurem III

Random Trainer's Pokémon

Female Psychic at the Unova Pokemon League
# Chapter Notes
512 VS Druddigon

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