#0128 Tauros
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Picture Name Numbers Type
Tauros Artwork
Regular Form Paldean Form Blaze Breed Aqua Breed
English: Tauros
Japan: Kentauros
French: Tauros
German: Tauros
Korean: 켄타로스
National : #0128
Kanto (RBY): #128
Kanto (Let's Go): #128
Johto (GSC): #148
Johto (HGSS): #150
Coastal Kalos: #125
Alola (SM): #137
Alola (USUM): #170
Isle of Armor: #116
Paldea: #223
Normal Normal-type
Paldean Fighting-type
Classification Height Weight
Wild Bull Pokémon 4'07" / 4'07"
1.4m / 1.4m
194.9lbs / 253.5lbs
88.4kg / 115kg
Evolutionary Chain
Alternate Forms
Kantonian FormPaldean Form
Combat Breed
Paldean Form
Blaze Breed
Paldean Form
Aqua Breed
Kantonian FormPaldean Form<br />Combat BreedPaldean Form<br />Blaze BreedPaldean Form<br />Aqua Breed
Tauros is one of several Pokémon that have Region Forms. If caught in Paldea, it will have its Paldean Form. It then has multiple breeds based on where in Paldea it is found. Blaze Breed is exclusive to Scarlet while Aqua to Violet

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