Metagross, The Iron Leg Pokémon. Metagross has four brains in total. Combined, the four brains can breeze through difficult calculations faster than a supercomputer. This Pokémon can float in the air by tucking in its four legs. Metagross is the result of two Metang achieving fusion. When hunting, this Pokémon pins the prey to the ground under its massive body. It then eats the helpless victim using the large mouth on its stomach.


Metagross is one of those Pokemon that has lost its luster not so much because it has received a ton of nerfs throughout the years (and it has), but more because the world around it seems to move so much faster than it did in the old days. Metagross started out its first two generations as a top notch physical attacker with its high Attack stat, solid power behind its STAB Meteor Mash, cool typing, good bulk for an offensive Pokemon, and pretty impressive offensive movepool. Not to mention it had one of the most powerful Explosions in the game, letting it punch huge holes in teams that might be otherwise quite prepared for it. After DPPt, however, everything started going downhill. BW brought the Explosion nerf that took away one of Metagross's biggest weapons, and the increasing power level of the metagame around it meant that Metagross's natural strength and bulk were looking less impressive than ever. Then XY came along and nerfed the Steel type by removing its Dark and Ghost resistances, immediately doubling its number of weaknesses. The bright side is that ORAS gave Metagross a fantastic new Mega form that made it a top threat again, but as with many other Pokemon with Mega forms, the means that there is little reason left to use plain old Metagross anymore. Positives
+ Base 135 Attack may not top the charts like it used to, but it's still quite powerful, and it's complimented by a decent base 95 Special Attack stat as well.
+ Metagross is more than capable of taking a hit thanks to its 80 / 130 / 90 bulk.
+ Despite the Steel nerf, Steel / Psychic typing still offers plenty of perks with a whopping total of 9 resistances and immunity to Poison.
+ Metagross has a pretty impressive movepool with plenty of STAB option, tons of physical and special coverage moves, and a host of utility moves as well.
+ It's apparently smarter than a supercomputer, which means it'd probably be the best competitive Pokemon player in the world if it could play.

- Metagross's low base 70 Speed stat is easily its biggest downfall. It's not hard to find something that can outspeed Metagross and deal significant damage to it.
- While it offers some nice perks, Steel / Psychic typing also leaves Metagross with 4 weaknesses, all to pretty common attacking types.
- With things like Rotom-W, Mega Scizor, and Talonflame around every corner, Metagross checks are more plentiful than ever.
- Mega Metagross does most of what regular Metagross does 100% better. It's really hard to justify using regular Metagross when its Mega form is just that good.


Clear Body: Opponents' moves and abilities which lower this Pokemon's stats have no effect. However, this Pokemon may still lower its own stats with its own moves. Moves that intentionally lower stats aren't all that common, but this ability does protect Metagross from random stat drop side effects. It's also a great ability for when you want to Mega evolve since it prevents the opponent from lowering Metagross's Attack with Intimidate.
Hidden Ability (Available):
Light Metal: This Pokemon's weight is halved. Believe it or not, Metagross is actually so heavy that even with Light Metal, it's still taking the maximum amount of damage from Low Kick and Grass Knot. So yeah, Light Metal is basically useless. Stick with Clear Body.


Do the Monster Mash!

-Meteor Mash
-Hammer Arm / Earthquake
-Ice Punch / Bullet Punch / Zen Headbutt
Item Attached: Choice Band / Iron Ball
Ability: Clear Body
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 80 HP / 252 Atk / 176 Spe
Adamant Nature

Whenever you've got a Pokemon like Metagross that is almost completely eclipsed by its Mega evolution, the goal then becomes finding something that the normal form has over its Mega counterpart, no matter how small. Metagross is pretty lucky in that it has access to Trick, something that Mega Metagross could never use properly due to the Mega stone mechanics. That said, there are two basic paths that you can take with this set. You can use a Choice Band to reach incredible levels of immediate power, more than Mega Metagross is capable of putting out. In addition, being able to Trick a Choice Band onto an opponent can go a long way in crippling them (especially defensive Pokemon). Another option is carrying an Iron Ball, which will offer two benefits when Tricked onto an opponent. The first and more obvious benefit is that it heavily slows down the opponent, which can badly cripple offensive opponents and allow Metagross to outspeed most of them the following turn. The next cool benefit is the negation of Ground immunities, which allows Metagross to hit Pokemon like Skarmory and Rotom-W with Earthquake. As for the moves themselves, Meteor Mash is Metagross's most powerful Steel STAB, and the occasional Attack boost can help to break bulkier Pokemon. Hammer Arm and Earthquake are both viable coverage moves. Hammer Arm's speed drop isn't quite as bad an option given Metagross's naturally low speed, and the effect actually helps Metagross to break Skarmory since the latter will eventually have to Roost and remove its Steel typing before Metagross hits it. It also hits important targets like Ferrothorn. Earthquake, however, still offers solid overall coverage while also having perfect accuracy and no side effect. Ice Punch is a solid final option for the coverage against physical tanks such as Landorus-T and Gliscor, although a Choice Band Bullet Punch is a nice form of priority. Zen Headbutt is another fourth option for an addition fairly powerful STAB move. The given nature and max Attack investment are used to maximize Metagross's power. The Speed investment allows it to beat the fastest of Azumarill with an extra 4 EVs to beat any neutral base 60s, and the rest is placed into HP for increased bulk.

Other Options

Iron Head, Pursuit, Stealth Rock, Agility, Explosion, Hone Claws, Gravity, Thunder Punch, Assault Vest, Special Moves
Iron Head is a bit more accurate than Meteor Mash, but its secondary effect is less useful on such a slow Pokemon. The loss of power is also a pretty significant drawback.
Metagross is a pretty solid Pursuit user. It definitely has the typing and bulk to switch into many Psychic-types, although you might run into trouble with a few coverage moves such as Shadow Ball.
Metagross may not be the best Stealth Rock user in the game for multiple reasons, but it does at least have solid bulk and a good typing to switch in multiple times to set it up.
AgilityGross is a classic set created years ago, but you're generally going to be far better off using Mega Metagross for that.
Explosion may be nerfed when compared to DPPt, but it's still a really powerful move. A Choice Band Explosion is still hitting nearly as hard as two consecutive STAB Meteor Mashes, which is hard to ignore.
Hone Claws is Metagross's best offensive boosting move, but while it may improve the slightly unreliable accuracy that several of Metagross's moves have, a single Attack boost isn't quite enough to break bulky teams effectively.
Gravity gives Metagross another way to improve the accuracy of its moves while also making floating opponents vulnerable to Earthquake, but the benefits of the move are hardly worth the turn of set up. It's a shame that Gravity doesn't last longer, because it could in theory be a pretty cool team theme.
Thunder Punch allows Metagross to slam bulky Water-types for solid damage, several of which can tank Metagross's moves quite nicely (mainly its Steel STABs).
Metagross can be equipped with an Assault Vest to give it impressive special bulk, but you also give up the ability to use any status moves, and Metagross does receive competition as a specially bulky Steel / Psychic Pokemon from Jirachi with its reliable recovery, better natural special bulk, and greater movepool. Not to mention that Mega Metagross is pretty specially bulky to begin with.
Metagross has a pretty solid special movepool including tools such as Psychic, Flash Cannon, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Grass Knot, and Hidden Power, and it can pretty significantly overpower its Mega form with a Life Orb for all moves but Grass Knot. Still, special Metagross has always been a situational lure, and it has overall too much competition from much stronger special attackers.

Double & Triple Battle Options

Metagross has been a pretty solid choice for many Double/Triple battle teams, even more so because Sylveon's Modest Specs Pixilate Hyper Voices absolutely destroys anything that doesn't resist it or is holding an Assault Vest. Metagross is part of the former group. 80/130/90 Defenses makes for a bulky Pokemon, then we notice the base 135 Attack and Clear Body and discover that Intimidate won't work on Metagross, so aside from a burn there's nothing stopping Metagross from hitting at full power each and every time it attacks. Still a shame it isn't neutral to Dark and Ghost anymore.


- Meteor Mash / Iron Head
- Zen Headbutt
- Earthquake / Ice Punch
Item Attached: Lum Berry
Ability: Clear Body
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 HP 252 ATK 4 DEF
Adamant/Brave Nature

The first 3 moves are straight forward, Protect and 2 STABS. Iron Head has better accuracy that Meteor Mash, but Meteor Mash has a nice chance to increase physical attack on top of being immune to Intimidate and Charm shenanigans. Zen Headbutt kind of makes up for the poor coverage that Steel provides, but still hits hard. The last move is entirely dependent on your team. You can run Ice Punch for Landorus-T and Zapdos, Earthquake for Heatran, Thunder Punch for Talonflame and Gyarados, or even Hammer Arm for Tyranitar. It depends on what your team needs to cover more.

Metagross's best partners will deter Earthquake and some Fire Pokemon or Fire type moves. Maybe even pressure Aegislash. So a Landorus Therian comes in handy here, but so does Gyarados and some Salamence. Salamence appreciates it's partner threatening Ice types and Sylveon and Metagross appreciates the Fire and Ground resist with Intimidate.

Metagross's only letdown is.... it's speed. Base 70 ties with Breloom and outright loses to Smeargle. Both of Metagross's STAB options make contact too so Rocky Helmet Ferrothorn will hurt to hit. Overall, Metagross is a great Pokemon to start building around or building with. It's just a strong Pokemon that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Countering Metagross

Unless it happens to be carrying Thunder Punch, bulky Water-types such as Slowbro and Alomomola can take Metagross on pretty nicely. Rotom-W also does well, provided it doesn't get Tricked an Iron Ball or something. Skarmory will eventually lose to Hammer Arm variants unless it carries Counter, in which case it can win the matchup. As far as other Steel-types go, Ferrothorn is a pretty solid stop to sets carrying Earthquake over Hammer Arm, while Mega Scizor has the typing and bulk to take just about anything Metagross can throw at it with ease. Aegislash can take it on nicely as well, provided it's not running Earthquake. Hippowdon with maximum Defense investment can switch into Metagross's attacks, heal off damage with Slack Off, and threaten back with Earthquake. Physically defensive Mandibuzz can escape a 2HKO from basically anything but a Choice Band Ice Punch and use Metagross's own Attack stat against it with Foul Play. Metagross's mediocre speed and four common weaknesses (an unfortunate side effect of its Steel / Psychic typing) prevent it from being too hard to check offensively. Pokemon such as Bisharp, Heatran, Landorus(-T), and Gengar can all outspeed Metagross and hit it very hard with their strong STAB moves, possibly taking it out of the game.

Mega Corner


If there's one Pokemon that really wanted a Mega evolution, it's…well, if we're being honest here, it's probably Farfetch'd. Still, Metagross wanted one too, and it's finally got one! After a couple of generations of sliding out of its prime thanks to a couple of nerfs and a shift to a more powerful and fast-paced metagame, Metagross has finally returned to its status as a top notch Pokemon thanks to its new Mega Stone. When Mega Metagross was first announced, players everywhere waited patiently to see if Game Freak would be able to patch up the Iron Leg Pokemon's former flaws and give it the buffs it so desperately needed, and they answered the call magnificently. Mega Metagross's speed went from mediocre to great with significant increases in bulk to go with it, and while they may not have given it very large offense boosts, the addition of a great new ability in Tough Claws more than makes up for it. Thanks to these changes, Metagross has once again made a name for itself in standard competitive play with its incredibly well-rounded combination of power, bulk, speed, movepool, and typing. You can't afford not to keep this guy in mind during teambuilding, whether you're planning a team around him or planning a way to beat him.
+ Base 110 Speed is a huge step forward from where Metagross was before. While normal Metagross's speed is well below average, Mega Metagross can speed tie with speedsters like the Lati twins and Gengar.
+ Base 145 Attack and 105 Special Attack are both solid offensive stats. They may not seem all that high given Mega Metagross's inability to hold a boosting item, but this is made up for by…
+ …Tough Claws! Thanks to this new ability, Mega Metagross gets a boost to most of its best moves that's even better than what a Life Orb could give it, and all without the recoil.
+ If you thought Metagross's bulk was solid, wait till you see Mega Metagross's 80 / 150 / 110 defenses.
+ Like normal Metagross, Mega Metagross enjoys the 9 resistances and Poison immunity offered by its Steel / Psychic typing.
+ Mega Metagross obviously shares the same movepool as its normal form, which gives it plenty of options on its movesets.
+ With great bulk, plenty of resistances including a resistance to Stealth Rock, immunity to Sandstorm and poison status, and no Life Orb recoil necessary to achieve its raw power, Mega Metagross can be a pretty tough offensive Pokemon to wear down despite its lack of recovery.
+ It kinda looks like it has a goatee, which makes it look even more menacing.

- Unfortunately, Mega Metagross shares its normal form's 4 common weaknesses to Dark, Ghost, Fire, and Ground attacks.
- Being forced to start as a normal Metagross means that Mega Metagross will have to spend its first turn with 70 base Speed. You'll have to be careful about what you Mega evolve on.
- Mega Metagross…put on a lot of weight? I honestly can't think of any other flaws. Maybe it wishes some of its moves had a higher base power, but they're still more than strong enough to get the job done.


Tough Claws: Increases the power of moves that make physical contact by 33%. Abilities can really make or break a Mega Pokemon, and this one makes Mega Metagross the huge threat that it is. It boosts basically all of its best moves bar Earthquake, more than making up for the lack of a boosting item.


Rule the School with an Iron Fist

-Meteor Mash / Iron Head
-Zen Headbutt
-Hammer Arm / Earthquake
-Grass Knot / Ice Punch / Thunder Punch
Item Attached: Metagrossite
Ability: Tough Claws (Clear Body on Metagross)
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Naive Nature / Hasty Nature

When you've got a lot of power, excellent bulk, and a pretty impressive Speed stat, sometimes the best thing to do is just to come in and start hitting things. Mega Metagross has plenty of solid options that it can run on such a set, starting with its primary STAB moves. Meteor Mash is Metagross's raw power STAB, and while 90 base power may not seem all that high, it ends up being very impressive after a Tough Claws boost. Don't underestimate the usefulness of the occasional Attack boost provided by the move either. The ability to spam Meteor Mash on switch-ins and possibly hit the opponent with a +1 Attack move the next turn is one thing that makes Mega Metagross so intimidating (with the biggest reason being how terrifying it looks). Some bulkier checks such as Gliscor and Landorus-T actually have the potential to lose if Mega Metagross gets an Attack boost from the first Meteor Mash. Still, Iron Head is a little more accurate, and when you've got a quick base 110 Speed stat, that flinch chance can come in handy. Zen Headbutt is the only good physical Psychic STAB that Metagross has, but it still hits many Pokemon that resist Steel attacks neutrally while offering a handy flinch chance of its own. Hammer Arm and Earthquake are both great coverage moves, with the obvious difference being that Earthquake doesn't hurt Mega Metagross's Speed stat. However, the Speed drop isn't as big of a deal if you're not planning on staying in for extended periods of time, and it does hit a few things such as Ferrothorn harder, it lets you beat non-Counter Skarmory 1-on-1, and it even gets a Tough Claws boost. Grass Knot is a nice coverage move for the last slot, allowing Mega Metagross to better handle potential counters such as Slowbro, Mega Slowbro, Hippowdon, and Quagsire. However, Ice Punch takes on both Gliscor and Landorus-T more effectively than Meteor Mash while also letting Mega Metagross revenge kill a few things such as Garchomp and Landorus-I more easily. Thunder Punch is yet another option for hitting bulky Water-types in a similar manner to Grass Knot, and it even allows Mega Metagross to hit Skarmory pretty hard in case you want to use Earthquake over Hammer Arm. The given EV spread is used to maximize Mega Metagross's speed and power, with a Naďve or Hasty nature picked to preserve its Special Attack stat for Grass Knot's sake. If you decide to run Ice Punch or Thunder Punch, however, you should go with a Jolly nature and place the leftover 4 EVs elsewhere.

Don't Steel My Show!

-Iron Head / Meteor Mash
-Zen Headbutt
-Earthquake / Hammer Arm / Ice Punch
Item Attached: Metagrossite
Ability: Tough Claws (Clear Body on Metagross)
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 68 HP / 252 Atk / 188 Spe
Adamant Nature

Mega Metagross is pretty fast; it does have a base 110 Speed stat, after all. However, XY and ORAS have given us several Pokemon (especially Megas) that are able to outspeed Mega Metagross despite how quick it is. However, once Mega Metagross sets up a single Agility, it'll be able to outspeed pretty much any Pokemon that thought they could get the slip on it. The cool thing is that Mega Metagross is so fast, it can afford to run an Adamant nature and move some Speed EVs to HP while still being almost impossible to outspeed at +2. That said, it still struggles to sweep defensive teams due to its lack of an Attack boosting move (not counting Meteor Mash), so keep that in mind. Once again, Mega Metagross's dual STABs offer it decent enough neutral coverage with a solid amount of power. Since you might not going to get more than one chance to set up and sweep, Iron Head's greater reliability and chance to buy free turns with flinches is pretty awesome. Meteor Mash is still stronger, though, and a Mega Metagross with an Attack boost or two alongside an Agility boost is a terrifying thing to face. Zen Headbutt again makes an appearance as Mega Metagross's physical Psychic STAB, and like Iron Head, it gives you a handy chance to flinch. Earthquake is a nice coverage move in that last slot, and when you're trying to sweep opposing teams, sometimes the last thing you want is a Speed drop like Hammer Arm would give you. Still, the extra coverage against a couple of key Pokemon (namely Ferrothorn), and a +1 Mega Metagross is still pretty darn fast. Ice Punch is again another option for a few specific Pokemon such as Gliscor and Landorus-T. With an Adamant nature and max Attack investment, Mega Metagross can hit as hard as possible, which is handy when you can't boost your Attack reliably. The Speed investment lets Mega Metagross outspeed Jolly Excadrill and everything slower, which also means that Excadrill will be unable to revenge kill a +2 Mega Metagross even with a Sand Rush boost. The rest of the EVs are placed into HP to give Mega Metagross's already amazing bulk an extra boost.

Other Options

Pursuit, Stealth Rock, Toxic, Brick Break, Explosion, Hone Claws, Power-Up Punch, Hidden Power Fire, Substitute, Bullet Punch
Mega Metagross makes for a really solid Pursuit user thanks to its great Speed (it ties with Gengar and the Lati twins), excellent power, and stunning bulk. You'll have to give up some valuable coverage, but it is a nice option on the 4 attacks set.
Mega Metagross is a pretty nice Stealth Rock user in theory, but Mega Metagross generally has better things to be doing. You'd be better off using another Pokemon to set Stealth Rock so that Mega Metagross can enjoy the benefits of the hazard while running another coverage move.
Toxic cripples many defensive switch-ins such as Slowbro, but Mega Metagross can generally get the job done with its coverage moves as it is.
Brick Break is an alternative to Hammer Arm if you want the Fighting coverage without the Speed drop. It's not as weak as it sounds; it's actually about as strong as Earthquake factoring in Tough Claws. Still, the drop from Hammer Arm to Brick Break is pretty significant.
Explosion is a great last second move to do a lot of damage before going down, but Mega Metagross is the kind of Pokemon you try to preserve as long as possible, so an extra coverage move will suit it better.
The slower boosting of Hone Claws as opposed to moves like Swords Dance makes it a less effective for breaking defensive cores. Power-Up Punch is in a similar boat, but the chip damage that it offers is useful.
Hidden Power Fire is Mega Metagross's best chance at handling Mega Scizor, a Pokemon who otherwise walls Mega Metagross quite nicely. Thus, it can be a neat option on the 4 attacks set as a secondary coverage move.
Substitute can allow Mega Metagross to safely scout switch-ins, protect itself from many status moves, and avoid Sucker Punch, one of the few priority moves that Mega Metagross is actually afraid of.
Bullet Punch gets a Tough Claws boost, giving it pretty decent power and giving Mega Metagross a way to pick off weakened faster threats. However, when you're already tying with things like Latios and Gengar, you're generally fast enough as it is.

Double & Triple Battle Options

Mega Metagross, much like Mega Salamence, wasn't necessary. It was already respectably powerful. What does adding 100 to it's overall Base Stat Total do for it? It makes it absolutely incredible, but also makes it incredibly difficult to settle on a Mega or two for a team with there being so many powerful Megas available already.

In Mega Evolving, Metagross gains Tough Claws for its ability, leaving behind Clear Body, meaning Intimidate and Charm Shenanigans will work on a Mega Metagross, always keep that in mind.


- Iron Head / Meteor Mash
- Zen Headbutt
- Bullet Punch / Ice Punch
Item Attached: Metagrossite
Ability: Tough Claws
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 76 HP / 252 Attack / 180 Speed
Adamant / Jolly Nature

Not too different from the original set. This set takes advantage of a few things, the first being Tough Claws, every move here will want the Boost from Tough Claws, the EV spread looks complicated, but it's really just Max Attack, enough speed to outspeed neutral or positive base 100 Pokemon like Mega Kang and all Charizard and the rest of the EVs sprinkled into HP. Mega Metagross having base 110 Speed is incredible. Not the fastest, but fast enough to be scary, especially when one considers how sturdy base 80 / 150 / 110 defenses are. The first two moves are STAB contact moves, Protect will ensure you can take advantage of your excellent speed stat safely when Mega Evolving, and the last move is up to prefference, but I heavily recommend that its a contact move.

Metagross's partners won't change much either, but Salamence definitely stands out as a prime choice. Since the two work great as normal Pokemon AND Mega Pokemon, it might not be a bad idea to build a team with two Megas featuring these two.

The only real downfall of Mega Metagross is that currently it learns no Special Contact moves to properly use base 105 SATK, and the other thing is losing the immunity to Initmidate. Though some teams won't use Intimidate for fear of Bisharp or Milotic, there are still small annoyances like Icy Wind and Fake Tears to look out for. Still an incredible Pokemon all things considered.

Countering Mega Metagross

The good news is that Mega Metagross is theoretically a bit easier to switch into defensively than its normal form thanks to the latter's ability to use Trick and achieve more power with a Choice Band. The bad news is that its greater bulk and speed make it significantly harder to revenge kill. As far as defensive switch-ins goes, Slowbro and Mega Slowbro are great for sets without Grass Knot. Even if they do have Grass Knot, Mega Metagross needs Stealth Rock to secure the 2HKO. Hippowdon and Quagsire similarly beat sets without Grass Knot but lose if Mega Metagross is carrying the coverage move. Mega Sableye makes for a decent counter. While it has a chance to be 2HKOed by Meteor Mash, it can cripple Mega Metagross with a burn before walling it with Recover and finishing it off with its STABs. Several defensive Steel-types can switch into Mega Metagross nicely depending on the coverage it runs. Skarmory takes on sets with Earthquake, while Counter Skarmory can threaten those with Hammer Arm. Ferrothorn also takes on sets with Earthquake, but Hammer Arm is a real jerk. Contrarily, Aegislash only fears Earthquake and doesn't mind anything else Mega Metagross can throw at it. Mega Scizor is bulky enough to beat Mega Metagross, though, as long as Mega Metagross isn't carrying the rare Hidden Power Fire. Mandibuzz can switch in if Stealth Rock isn't down, and it slams Mega Metagross very hard with Foul Play. Gliscor and Landorus-T despise Ice Punch, but otherwise they can switch in and threaten Mega Metagross with a STAB Earthquake. Just beware that a Meteor Mash Attack boost can hurt their chances, and Landorus-T's Intimidate won't work until after Metagross has Mega evolved thanks to Clear Body. As far as offensive answers go, just keep in mind that while Mega Metagross's typing leaves it with lots of resistances, it also leaves it with four common weaknesses. It shouldn't be too hard to find something with a strong Fire, Dark, Ghost, or Ground STAB that can hit Mega Metagross very hard. Just be careful when you're trying to revenge kill it because its great bulk lets it take even some super effective hits, and you might lose a Pokemon in the process. If all else fails, you can always use something like Rotom-W that can at least take a hit and burn Mega Metagross, crippling it badly for the rest of the match.

Locations in Games

Evolve Metang

Trade from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

Evolve Metang (Colosseum)
Trade from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (XD)

Evolve Metang

Evolve Metang

Giant Chasm

Black 2/White 2:
Giant Chasm

Evolve Metang

Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire:
Evolve Metang

Animé Appearences

Metagross has made a few appearances in the anime. Most notably Tyson had one in the Hoenn League and recently Steven used a Mega Metagross to face off against Rayquaza

# -English Episode Name- -Jp. Episode Name- Pics
M7 Destiny Deoxys Visitor of the Space Fissure - Deoxys Pics
402 Like a Meowth to a Flame EverGrande City Arrival! Meowth in Boots!? Pics
407 Choose It or Lose It Rival Confrontation! VS Morrison! Pics
408 At the End of the Fray The Last Fierce Fighting! The Road to the Championship!! Pics
446 Talking A Good Game Salon Maiden Anabel Enters! Pics
447 Second Time's the Charm Battle Tower! Telepathy Battle! Pics
519 Glory Blaze Chimchar VS Zangoose! Battle of Fate! Pics
585 Noodles: Roamin' Off Team Rocket Breakup!? Pics
626 Regaining the Home Advantage! Explosion! Magnezone vs Metagross!! Pics
M13 Zoroark - Master of Illusions Phantom Champion Zoroark Pics
S28 TBC Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 Introduction Pics
S37 Pokémon Mega Evolution Special I Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act II~ Pics
S38 Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Mega Special Animation Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Mega Special Animation Pics
S37 Pokémon Mega Evolution III Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act III~ Pics
878 Rivals: Today and Tomorrow! A Best-of-Three Rival Battle! Aim Towards Tomorrow!! Pics
933 Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted! The Finals! Ash VS Alain!! Pics
934 Down to the Fiery Finish Kalos League Victory! Ash's Ultimate Match!! Pics
936 Coming Apart at the Dreams! The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!! Pics
937 The Right Hero for the Right Job! Attack on Lumiose Gym! The Clembot Forever!! Pics
938 Rocking Kalos Defenses! The Megalith Advances! A Fight to Protect Kalos!! Pics
939 Forming a More Perfect Union! Zygarde Fights Back! The Final Battle for Kalos!! Pics
943 Till We Compete Again A Zero With No End! Till the Day We Meet Again!! Pics
1072 Battle Royal 151 Brawl! Battle Royal 151!! Pics
1073 Battling Besties! Mallow & Lana! A Fully Powered Battle of Friendship!! Pics
1096 Serving Up the Flute Cup! The Hoenn Region, Site of Fierce Fights! The Battle Frontier Challenge!! Pics
1203 TBC Fire Training Battle! Ash VS Paul!! Pics
1207 TBC Ash Heads Into Battle! VS Steven!! Pics
1210 TBC The Climax Begins: Ash's Masters Tournament Experience Pics
1217 TBC Climax! The Night Before the Decisive Match: Ash VS Leon!! Pics