Pachirisu, The EleSquirrel Pokémon. It makes fur balls that crackle with static electricity. It stores them with berries in tree holes. A pair may be seen rubbing their cheek pouches together in an effort to share stored electricity. It makes electricity with pouches in its cheeks and shoots charges from its tail. It lives atop trees. It's one of the kinds of Pokémon with electric cheek pouches. It shoots charges from its tail.


If someone were to tell you years ago that there would be a way to make Pachirisu even remotely viable in a competitive setting, you probably would just laugh it off. After it took the spotlight at World Championship for VGC last year as part of the winning team though, people are constantly buzzing about Pachirisu's time in the limelight and praising it as a beacon of hope for other neglected Pokémon to one day get their chance. Make no mistake though, Pachirisu can't flaunt its success and claim to suddenly be in the same league as the big scary dragons and screaming fairies that dominate the game. In Doubles it faces stiff competition this year with an even more inclusive set of Pokémon that it didn't have to worry about last year, so Pachirisu has a tougher time keeping up. In Singles, the curse of the electric rodent also hits Pachirisu just as hard as it hits the others, failing to find a strong niche to justify its use on most teams. Lackluster stats all around save for a somewhat decent Speed stat doesn't help its case. Pachirisu also suffers from complete lack of offensive presence so while it would have a few neat options in the form of Gunk Shot and Seed Bomb, the best it can do for damage is rely on Super Fang. While it struggles to accomplish much in Singles, Pachirisu does still find itself capable of holding its niche in VGC. However, even in VGC it's safe to say that this little squirrel's time to shine is over. That's not to say its legacy won't live on, but if you're forming a serious team for any format, be aware that there is often a better option than Pachirisu. Unless your goal is cuteness, don't force this electric squirrel to bite off a bigger acorn than it can chew.
+ Some neat support options like Nuzzle and Super Fang lets it function as a support Pokémon, helping it threaten faster threats and bulky walls that might give its team some trouble.
+ Volt Absorb is a neat ability that discourages Volt Switch users while giving Pachirisu some way to heal off damage as well as give it a less difficult time switching in.
+ Base 95 Speed is decent for a support oriented Pokémon, and it's the best that Pachirisu's stats can offer.
+ It's cute? That has to count for something here.

- Pachirisu is not bulky at all. With 60/70/90 for bulk, Pachirisu is more or less as bulky as Weavile. In other words Pachirisu has to rely completely on its EV investment to take hits.
- Base 45 in both offenses means Pachirisu isn't going to be overwhelming anything with its pure strength anytime soon.
- Even for a support Pokémon, its options are very limited and it can offer little aside from Nuzzle, Charm and Super Fang.
- It has a tendency to flee from all danger and pick up trash from the ground, so it's not the most dedicated or focused Pokémon out there.


Run Away: Except for trainer battles, can always run from battle. Cannot run during Mean Look or Block or when the opponent is trapping with the Arena Trap, Magnet Pull, or Shadow Tag ability. Unfortunately for Pachirisu, running from your problems doesn't accomplish anything in the long run. In any trainer battle, this ability does nothing so there's nothing much to say here.
Pickup: Has a 10% chance of finding and holding an item after battle. Will not work if this Pokémon is already holding an item. From Black & White, it allows for the user to pick up the item of its opponent or ally if they used up the item in battle. While cleaning up trash is good for the environment, this ability does very little to help it in battles with other trainers. If you're hunting for the elusive Leftovers, Pickup isn't helping Pachirisu win any battles against other trainers.
Hidden Ability (Available):
Volt Absorb: The Pokémon heals up to 1/4 of it's maximum Hit Points when hit with Electric-type moves. Now this is a good ability. While it already resists Electric type moves, an immunity is very useful for keeping Volt Switch usage low while giving Pachirisu a way to heal off damage. Given its other two abilities are pretty much useless, Volt Absorb is the only ability you should use in a competitive setting.


Nuts and No Thunderbolts

- Nuzzle
- Super Fang
- U-turn
- Toxic / Charm
Item Attached: Leftovers
Ability: Leftovers
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpDef
Careful Nature

Given that Pachirisu has no offensive presence, a support set is the best thing it can accomplish in Singles. Nuzzle is essentially Thunder Wave with minor damage, so it's the preferred option to paralyze something without fear of Taunt. Breaking Focus Sashes with what is essentially a status move is also a neat bonus. Super Fang is Pachirisu's primary means of dealing damage, cutting an opponent's HP in half provided they aren't a Ghost type. This lets it take a chunk out of sturdy walls to allow for a partner to break through for a sweep, and in general it allows it to do something other than spread paralysis. U-turn is used to let it scout switches into Ground types or Electric types expecting Nuzzle, letting the little squirrel flee to let its teammates take care of big scary monsters that come in. U-turn is also used over Volt Switch because the STAB bonus is not significant enough given Pachirisu's base 45 Special Attack and all it does is prevent Pachirisu from escaping Ground types and Pokémon with Volt Absorb or Lightning Rod, all which are among the first threats the electric squirrel wants to avoid. The last move is often Toxic since it pairs nicely with Super Fang to try and beat out opposing walls if it needs to. If you don't want to have a rabid squirrel on your hands, you can opt to capitalize on Pachirisu's cuteness and use Charm to soften physical attacks.

The nature and EV spread are designed to maximize special bulk using its better Special Defense stat. As such, Leftovers is used to try and increase what little durability it does have and keep it healthy. Volt Absorb is also the ability of choice to try and heal off of expected Electric attacks and because the other abilities are useless. An alternative physically defensive spread can also be used with an Impish nature, but otherwise functions similarly to the listed specially defensive spread.

Other Options

- Electroweb is an option to immediately lower the Speed of an expected switch-in but Nuzzle is better for immediately crippling opponents on top of lowering their Speed.
- Light Screen is one of Pachirisu's few support options it can use to buff the team's Special Defense, but it lacks access to Reflect and generally is a weak option if you want dual screens support.
- Fake Tears can be used as a replacement for the real thing so that it knows what to do if you're a cruel enough trainer to send out this cute little squirrel against something scary like Garchomp. Alternatively you can use it to soften up a sturdy threat on the special side for a teammate to handle but there are better ways to weaken an opponent and force switches.
- If you want a telekinetic squirrel, you can teach Pachirisu Magnet Rise and show people how cool your pet is. It also keeps it from being destroyed by the many Ground type moves that will be heading in its direction.

Double & Triple Battle Options

Default Pachirisu really came out of left field at 2014's WCS. Unfortunately it was only able to function properly because of the very limited amount of Pokemon that were allowed at that time. 2015's format has more Pokemon with Follow Me or Lightning Rod that easily sweep Pachirisu under the rug until another limited format occurs.

Woah, didn't see that one coming

Nuzzle / Electroweb
Super Fang / Helping Hand
Follow Me
Item Attached: Sitrus Berry
Ability: Volt Absorb
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 HP 252 Def 4 SDef
Bold (if using Electroweb) or Impish Nature (when using Nuzzle)

Se Jun Park's infamous Pachirisu, slightly updated for today's use, though that use isn't much. Electroweb is similar to Nuzzle in the damaging and speed lowering aspect, though Electroweb simply lowers both opponent's speeds, Nuzzle just paralyzes the target. Super Fang and Helping Hand are supporting moves that assist the partner in getting a KO. Super Fang won't hits Ghosts, but Helping Hand's helpfulness is entirely dependant on what the Partner can do. Follow Me is Pachi's leg up over the other Electric Mice and Protect is great for keeping the squirrel alive.

Pachirisu supports more than anything, so a Pokemon that could benefit from Pachi's support would be a Dragon Dancing Gyarados, as many players have seen before about this time last year. Redirection is always helpful for Pokemon that like to set up before doing attacks. Mega Charizard X appreciates not having to worry about being Paralyzed too.

Pachirisu in 2015's meta is a joke. It was a one hit wonder last year that almost had Amoonguss show up in its place. It was a very niche Pokemon, and should one find themselves seriously considering it for their team, at the very least take a long look at the Pokemon with Lightningrod available, or Follow Me and Rage Powder.

Countering Pachirisu

If you're a trainer with a heart you wouldn't hurt this cute little squirrel and you'd just tell it to run along before it gets hurt. Not everyone in this world is so merciless though, and sometimes a lesson must be learned the hard way. Ground types don't waste any time ravaging through a little squirrel like Pachirisu, and don't fear paralysis from Nuzzle. Electric types also don't mind Nuzzle and are only bothered by Toxic and Super Fang, though many Electric types lack the coverage to hit it hard in return due to Volt Absorb granting it an immunity. Ghost types also ruin Pachirisu's day by virtue of being immune to Super Fang, neutering its primary means of dealing damage. If you're running a Poison type you can also avoid being worn down by Toxic, making Nidoking and Nidoqueen fine options for taking out Pachirisu if you're worried about beating it for any reason. Alternatively just make sure something on your team has Earthquake or Earth Power, it shouldn't take much more than that to show Pachirisu the horrors of the real world in Pokémon battling. Garchomp, Landorus, Swampert, Excadrill and even Stunfisk are all willing to show Pachirisu the way to the oak forest in the sky, so there's no shortage of Ground types to choose from. If for whatever reason you don't want to use any of these or have no room for them on your team, don't worry. As long as you have fully evolved Pokemon that don't mind Toxic, paralysis or Super Fang, you should have little trouble beating this little squirrel.

Locations in Games

Not in game

Not in game

Not in game

Route 205, Fuego Ironworks, Valley Windworks (Diamond & Pearl)
Route 205 South, Valley Windworks (Platinum)

Safari Zone

Trade from Pokémon Black 2 & White 2

Black 2/White 2:
Route 3 Hidden Grotto

Route 12, Friend Safari

Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire:
Trade from X/Y

Animé Appearences

Pachirisu has made a few appearances in the anime. Most of them have been under the control of Dawn during her quest to win the Pokémon Super Contests of the Sinnoh region

# -English Episode Name- -Jp. Episode Name- Pics
487 Twice Smitten, Once Shy! I Got a Pachirisu! Is That Ok?? Pics
488 Mutiny in the Bounty! Pokémon Hunter J! Pics
490 Borrowing on Bad Faith! Pachirisu VS Aipom! Pokémon Contest! Pics
492 Cooking up a Great Story! Showdown! Ash VS Pikachu! Pics
493 Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan! The Gifted Roserade & The Flower Legend! Pics
494 Getting the Pre-Contest Titters! Pokémon Contest! Floaroma Conference! Pics
495 Setting a Not-So-Old Score! Deciding Match! Piplup VS Prinplup!! Pics
501 All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go! It's Love! Pokémon Transformation Convention!! Pics
503 An Elite Meet & Greet! Elite Four Lucian & Bronzong! Pics
504 The Secret Sphere of Influence The Sinnoh Space-Time Legend! Pics
507 Steamboat Willies Pikachu's In Charge! Pics
M10 The Rise of Darkrai Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai Pics
P10 Not Aired Pikachu's Exploration Club Pics
509 A Stand-Up Sit-Down Dawn, Zoey & A Double Performance! Pics
510 The Electrike Company Electrike Practice Centre! Pics
512 Mass Hip-Po-Sis Save The Stray Hippopotas! Pics
514 A-Maze-ing Race Maze Shuffle! Everybody Hustle! Pics
516 Not Aired Ash & Dawn! Head For A New Adventure! Pics
517 Dawn's Early Night Pokémon Contest! Hearthome Convention! Pics
519 Glory Blaze Chimchar VS Zangoose! Battle of Fate! Pics
521 Tears For Fears! Chimchar's Tears! Pics
522 Once There Were Greenfields! Cacea & Gardenia! Farewell is for Whom?! Pics
523 Throwing A Track Switch Aipom & Buizel! Respective Roads! Pics
526 Nosing 'Round The Mountain Probopass! Burning Spirit! Pics
528 Journey to the Unown! Unown of Solaceon Ruins! Pics
529 Team Shocker! Pokémon Contest! Solaceon Convention! Pics
530 Tanks For The Memories! Miltank of the Maid Café Pics
531 Hot Springing A Leak! The Swinub Trio & The Hot Spring Battle! Pics
532 Riding the Winds of Change! Gliscor and Gligar! Getting Through the Wind Maze! Pics
533 Sleight of Sand! Pachirisu in Hippowdon's Mouth!? Pics
535 Crossing the Battle Line! Dawn's First Gym Battle! Pics
536 A Triple Fighting Chance! Veilstone Gym! Lucario VS Buizel! Pics
540 Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu (2) Pokémon Ranger! The Wave-Guiding Riolu! (Part Two) Pics
541 Crossing Paths Goodbye, Dustox! Pics
543 Our Cup Runneth Over! Enter The Contest Master - Wallace! Pics
546 Pruning a Passel of Pals! Fierce Battles! Everyone's Respective Rival! Pics
547 Strategy With a Smile! Decisive Match! Dawn VS May! Pics
551 A Crasher Course in Power Pastoria Gym! VS Crasher Wake! Pics
552 Hungry For the Good Life! The Gluttonous Swinub at Mr. Backlot's! Pics
553 Fighting Fear With Fear! Gligar! Wings of Friendship!! Pics
M11 Giratina & The Sky Warrior Giratina & The Bouquet of the Sky - Shaymin Pics
P11 Not Aired Pikachu's Great Ice Adventure Pics
555 The Psyduck Stops Here The Psyduck Roadblock Pics
560 Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine Return to the Basics, Team Rocket! Pics
562 Doc Brock Pachirisu's Fever! Care-taking by Two People!? Pics
563 Battling the Generation Gap Pokémon Contest! The Celestic Convention! Pics
565 Double Team Turnover! The Charge of Team Galactic!! (Part Two) Pics
568 Aiding the Enemy Turtwig, Grotle...& Torterra! Pics
571 Jumping Rocket Ship Chaotic Melee At Canalave City! Pics
573 Get Your Rotom Running Yokan & Rotom Pics
574 A Breed Stampede The Way To Befriend Pokémon! Pics
577 Leading A Stray! The Missing Child Wailmer Pics
581 Hold the Phione Mischief Phione! Pics
582 Another One Gabites the Dust Pokémon Contest! Akebi Convention!! Pics
586 Pursuing a Lofty Goal PokéRinger! Big Decisive Sky Battle!! Pics
587 Trials and Adulations! Clash! Mamoswine VS Aggron! Pics
588 Not Aired Mysterious Creatures: Pokémon Pics
589 The Lonely Snover The Lonely Snover! Pics
590 Stopped in the Name of Love Evolution! This Time For Piplup!? Pics
591 Old Rivals, New Tricks Pokémon Contest! Tatsuami Convention! Pics
598 Frozen on Their Tracks Ampharos Train! Looker Appears!! Pics
601 Uncrushing Defeat Uxie's Shadow! Pics
M12 Arceus & The Jewel of Life Arceus - Towards Conquering Space-Time Pics
P12 Not Aired Pikachu's Great Sparking Search Pics
606 Strategy Begins At Home Dawn VS Mom! Showdown Between Parent & Child!! Pics
618 Unlocking the Red Chain of Events! The Red Chain! Team Galactic Start!! Pics
623 Double-Time Battle Training! Double Battle! Mamoswine & Cyndaquil! Pics
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638 An Elite Coverup! Elite Four Bertha! Hippowdon vs Torterra!! Pics
642 Last Call, First Round! Grand Festival! The Art of Flame & Ice! Pics
643 Opposites Interact! Mamoswine & Pachirisu! The Ice Chandelier - Decisive Blow! Pics
644 Coming Full Festival Circle! Semi-Final! Who is Heading to the Final!? Pics
645 A Grand Fight for Winning! Final! Dawn VS Zoey! Pics
M13 Zoroark - Master of Illusions Phantom Champion Zoroark Pics
P13 Not Aired Pikachu's Really Mysterious Adventure Pics
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747 Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times! Piplup VS Pansage, the Magnificent Battle!! Pics
M15 TBC Meloetta's Sparkling Recital Pics
838 The Forest Champion The Forest Champion! Enter Hawlucha!! Pics
849 The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos! The Clumsy Wigglytuff VS the Rampaging Salamence! Pics
851 A Campus Reunion! Clemont's Campus of Memories! An Electrifying Reunion!! Pics
865 The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination! Protect the Future of Science! The Labyrinth of Electricity!! Pics
908 Party Dancecapades Ash and Serena! Getting One at a Dance Party!! Pics
922 A Full-Strength Battle Surprise! Rival Showdown! Ash VS Sawyer!! Pics
928 A League of His Own! The Kalos League Begins! Mega Charizard Showdown: X VS Y!! Pics
940 Battling With a Clean Slate! We Start at Zero! Clemont's Decision!! Pics
943 Till We Compete Again A Zero With No End! Till the Day We Meet Again!! Pics
1178 The Gates of Warp! Dialga & Palkia! The Space-time Cataclysm!! Pics