Battle Stadium

Battle Stadium Description

The Battle Stadium is the successor to the Battle Spot and is where various battles will take place. This includes how to battle with many players online

Ranked Battle

Ranked Battle is similar to the Rating Battles of previous games but with a twist. As you battle, rather than having a numerical rating, you will be able to increase in tier. This is done through points earned in battle. You will only rank with trainers in the same tier as you and yiou can check rankings in the Pokémon HOME app.

You can even obtain items through achieving certain tasks

Ranked Battle Artwork

Causal Battle

Casual battles are unranked battles which runs on Single and Double Battles formats. It al;so allows Legendary and Mythical Pokémon that Ranked Battle would not allow

Casual Battle Artwork

Online Competitions

The online competition option will be available whenever there is a specially held online competition. Each competition has got its own ruleset and specifications for you to battle in.

There are two options: Official Competitions and you can create your own friendly competitions

Online Competitions Artwork

Rental Teams

Rental Teams make a return and allow for you to share your own team or to battle using other people's teams. You can use Rental TReams during Ranked Battle modes as well.

Rental Teams Artwork