Dynamax Adventures

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In The Crown Tundra, there's a new feature where you can join with up to 3 players to venture into the Pokémon Dens. As you explore the caves in the area, you will find paths blocked by various Pokémon that have Dynamaxed.

To proceed, you need to defeat the Dynamax Pokémon to clear a path. However, if you are defeated, you will be sent out of the den.

If players connect with a Link Code from different versions, the Pokémon can be from either game regardless of exclusives so you'd be able to get Tornadus in Shield or Thundurus in Sword for example.

If you disconnect three times in a row, you'll not be let in until you have paid 3 Dynite Ore, with the price increasing the more you do it.

Dynamax Adventures

Rental Pokémon

Rather than utilise your own Pokémon in Dynamax Adventures, you instead use some Rental Pokémon. At the start of the journey, you can choose between 3 randomly selected Pokémon and the other players will do the same. Players take turns so you can co-ordinate better.

As you go through, you may catch all the Pokémon you encounter. When you do so, you can switch to them if you do so wish. When you exit the Dynamax Adventure, you have the capability of bringing back 1 of the Pokémon you caught.

These Pokémon can be shiny but won't appear Shiny when you battle them, only when you go to leave the Dynamax Adventures. While players may catch the same Pokémon, if it's Shiny it wouldn't be shiny for both players, it's decided by the player's game.

Click here for a full list of Rental Pokémon

Dynamax Adventures

Path of Adventure

As you go through the Dynamax Adventure Den, you'll have the opportunity to select certain paths. These paths provide different Pokémon of different types to fight before you get to the final Pokémon, a Legendary Pokémon.

These Pokémon can include fully evolved Pokémon and Alolan Forms. Click here for a full list of Opponent Pokémon

As you go through the den, there are three different "obstacles" you may interact with:

Scientist - Will offer you a trade of your current Pokémon for another Rental Pokémon. This Rental Pokémon is usually strong against the final Legendary Boss
Backpacker - Will offer you a selection of hold items for your Pokémon
Berries - Will restore your Pokémon's HP by 50% of its maximum

Dynamax Adventures

Legendary Pokémon

At the end of the den, you will often come up with against various strong Pokémon, these include various Legendary Pokémon including Solgaleo, Lunala, Mewtwo, Giratina and more. Defeat them and you will have a chance to capture them. You can only capture each Legendary once but will encounter them if you participate in other's raids.

If you fail to catch it or choose not to leave with it, then you will be able to revisit it by selecting the path directly. Peonia will also sell you paths to Legendary Pokémon for 5 Dynite Ore. You also have the capability of forcing Peonia to give you a path to a Pokémon you have, so that you can share it with friends. This is done by going into a Dynamax Adventures with that Legendary Pokémon (caught in the Max Lair) as your party lead as you go in. From there, when you exit out, Peonia will offer you a chance to go find it, but you won't be able to catch it again.

Dynamax Adventures

Shiny Pokémon

Shiny Pokémon are possible from Dynamax Adventures. However, they're decided right at the end when you're selecting the Pokémon to keep and so a Pokémon shiny for you may not be a Shiny for your friend. The odds are fairly flat and cannot be improved.

No Shiny Charm: 1 in 300
Shiny Charm: 1 in 100
Dynamax Adventures

Endless Dynamax Adventures

There is also a special mode which will allow you and your team to go through the dens with more and more Max Raid Battles until you have lost a battle. This mode unlocks after you have done three Dynamax Adventures.

With Endless Dynamax Adventures, you can't keep any Pokémon that you catch, but to make up for it, you get a larger supply of Dynite Ore for rewards.

Dynamax Adventures

Dynamax Adventures Rewards

When you complete Dynamax Adventures, you get a variety of Dynite Ore. This is given for a variety of things including:

How far you progressed
If you were ever knocked out
If you connected online
If you caught a Legendary Pokémon

With the Dynite Ore, you can then spend it to get a myriad of different items from the woman with the Sableye. This includes rare items such as Beast Balls and Ability Patch.

Dynite Store
Exp. Candy L1 Dynite Ore
Exp. Candy XL3 Dynite Ore
Dynamax Candy2 Dynite Ore
Wishing Piece3 Dynite Ore
Armorite Ore3 Dynite Ore
HP Up2 Dynite Ore
Protein2 Dynite Ore
Iron2 Dynite Ore
Calcium2 Dynite Ore
Zinc2 Dynite Ore
Carbos2 Dynite Ore
Premier Ball1 Dynite Ore
Beast Ball150 Dynite Ore
Bottle Cap25 Dynite Ore
Ability Capsule50 Dynite Ore
Ability Patch200 Dynite Ore
Dynamax Adventures