Gigantamax Forms

Gigantamax Forms are a variant of Pokémon that occur while the Pokémon has activated its Dynamax, but only on special occassions when these Pokémon were caught in Max Raid Battles. These changes are mostly appearance based but do come with various changes. Each gains access to a special G-Move


English Name: Alcremie
Jp. Name:

Type: Fairy-type
Classification: Pokémon
Height: 98'5
Ability: Sweet Veil

Gigantamax Alcremie was revealed during the Pokémon trailer in July 2019
The cream pouring out of its body hardens when subjected to impacts—the stronger the impact, the harder it becomes. This gives Alcremie a truly impressive resistance to physical attacks. Additionally, the giant "Berry" decorations on Alcremie's body are as hard as diamonds, and it's said that most attacks won't even be able to leave a scratch. Alcremie will launch high-calorie cream missiles around itself to attack its opponents. Any Pokémon that touches this cream will be filled with energy and euphoria but at the same time will fall into a state of complete confusion.

G-Move: G-Max Finale:
Fairy-type moves used by Gigantamax Alcremie will change to G-Max Finale. G-Max Finale will heal all Pokémon on Alcremie's side while dealing damage to an opponent!

Gigantamax Alcremie Artwork


English Name: Corviknight
Jp. Name:

Type: Steel/Flying-type
Classification: Pokémon
Height: 45'11"
Ability: Pressure/Unnerve

Gigantamax Corviknight was revealed during the Pokémon trailer in July 2019
Corviknight uses its massive wings to catch updrafts created by Gigantamax energy to hover in the air while it battles. The armor on its body has been reinforced, so attacks from Pokémon on the ground barely have any effect on it! Gigantamax energy has caused the armor covering Corviknight’s wings to separate and become blade birds, capable of flying independently. Corviknight launches these blade birds at the target, using them to slash its opponents.

G-Move: G-Max Wind Rage:
Flying-type moves used by Gigantamax Corviknight will change to G-Max Wind Rage. G-Max Wind Rage deals damage to an opponent, but that’s not all—it will also remove any effects of moves like Reflect, Light Screen, Spikes, and Electric Terrain that the opponents may have!

Gigantamax Corviknight Artwork


English Name: Drednaw
Jp. Name:

Type: Water/Rock-type
Classification: Pokémon
Height: 78'9
Ability: Strong Jaw / Shell Armor

Known Moves
Rock Tomb

Gigantamax Dreadnaw was revealed during the Pokémon trailer in July 2019
The power of Gigantamaxing has allowed it to stand on its hind legs and become bipedal! From its standing position, it can come crashing down on opposing Pokémon and crush them with its massive body! Drednaw normally keeps its neck retracted within its shell, but when it attacks, it can rapidly shoot its neck out. Its jaws are also incredibly strong, capable of easily biting through huge metal towers. The strength of its jaws combined with the force of its neck gives Drednaw the power to punch a hole through a rocky mountain in a single strike.

G-Move: G-Max Stonesurge:
Water-type moves used by Gigantamax Drednaw will change to G-Max Stonesurge. G-Max Stonesurge doesn't just deal damage to an opponent—it will scatter sharp rocks around the opponent and cause Pokémon entering the battlefield to take damage!

Gigantamax Drenaw Artwork
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