Y-Comm Features

Y-Comm is the successor to the PSS and is the area for the connection to other players. This works through local wireless or through the Internet. The Y-Comm can be accessed at any time by pressing the Y button. This allows you to get into a feed with all connected players.

Here, you can organise trades, local battles and Max Raid Battles.

Y-Comm Image

Y-Comm Features - On The Field

On the field, you can have the Y-Comm on where notifications will pop up. This will show you if your friends are wanting to battle, trade, do a Max Raid Battle and even show if they caught a Pokémon.

In addition to this, when a player is connected through the Y-Comm, you can encounter the players in the Wild Area. When there, they will often given you items.

Y-Comm On The Field Image

Surprise Trade

In Generations 6 & 7, there was a feature called Wonder Trade and it makes a return here as Surprise Trade. Surprise Trade lets you put a Pokémon in your box flagged as willing to trade and will automatically send the Pokémon out while you're playing the game and inform you later if there is a trade

Surprise Trade Image