G-Max Moves

G-Max Moves Description

G-Max Moves are moves exclusive to the Gigantamax Variants of Pokémon. With this, the Pokémon will have a unique move that only it can use and regular Pokémon in Dynamax can't use them

G-Max Moves Artwork

List of Max Moves

Name Type Cat PP Base Power Accuracy Effect Pokémon
G-Max Befuddle ?? (Varies) ?? -- Does damage and poisons, paralyzes or makes the opponent fall asleep Butterfree
G-Max Cuddle ?? (Varies) ?? -- Does damage and infatuates Pokémon of the opposite gender Eevee
G-Max Finale ?? (Varies) ?? -- Does damage and heals every Pokémon on the user's side Alcremie
G-Max Gold Rush ?? (Varies) ?? -- Does damage and drops coins on the field. Confuses opponent Meowth
G-Max Stonesurge ?? (Varies) ?? -- Does damage and applies sharp rocks on the ground Drednaw
G-Max Volt Crash ?? (Varies) ?? -- Does damage and paralyzes the opponent Pikachu
G-Max Wildfire ?? (Varies) ?? -- Does damage and creates a fire vortex for four turns Charizard
G-Max Wind Rage ?? (Varies) ?? -- Does damage and removes all terrains, entry hazards, barriers and so forth Corviknight