Digging Pa & Digging Ma

The Isle of Armor introduces the Digging Pa and Digging Ma, the parents of the Digging Duo from the Wild Area. These characters both utilise Armorite Ore in order to achieve their goals

Digging Pa

Location: Training Lowlands

In the Isle of Armor, in the Training Lowlands you will find the father of the Digging Duo, the Digging Pa. In exchange for 7 Armorite Ore, he will give you Watts. The amount he gives you is random from 800 Watts to 8,000 Watts

Sometimes, when he finishes up, he'll find a new wave of energy and will go for a bout of giving nothing but 5,000 Watts each time. This can go on for a while and he will then go again for another amount. This is a quick way to accumulate Watts for purchasing Wishing Pieces or for clearing the Dojo Upgrades.

Digging Ma

Location: Isle of Armor

In the Isle of Armor, in random locations you will find the mother of the Digging Duo, the Digging Ma. In exchange for an Armorite Ore, she will continue to dig for further Armorite Ore. If you stop before the shovel breaks, then you will get multiple Ore but if the shovel breaks, you get nothing

List of Digging Ma Locations

Location PictureLocation
Brawlers' Cave Brawlers' Cave
Challenge Beach Challenge Beach
Challenge Road Challenge Road
Courageous Cavern Courageous Cavern
Fields of Honor Fields of Honor
Forest of Focus Forest of Focus
Honeycalm Sea Honeycalm Sea
Insular Sea Insular Sea
Loop Lagoon Loop Lagoon
Potbottom Desert Potbottom Desert
Stepping-Stone Sea Stepping-Stone Sea
Training Lowlands Training Lowlands
Warm-up Tunnel Warm-up Tunnel
Workout Sea Workout Sea
Workout Sea Workout Sea